The former Al-Ain, Al-Wahda, Al-Wasl, Sharjah and Fujairah player, Mohammed Salem Al-Dhaheri, described his experience with Al-Annabi as the best among the five stations he spent in the Arab Gulf League.

Al-Dhaheri is preparing for a sixth experience in the coming season, as he received more than one offer that is expected to be decided during this week, according to what he assured to «Emirates Today». Al Dhaheri stressed that he preferred not to extend his contract with Fujairah because he did not receive his salary regularly, stressing that his financial dues were delayed between two and three months, prompting seven players to leave the club for this reason. He stressed that his experience with Sharjah was "shocking" for him after he spent an entire season without participating in matches, even though coach Abdulaziz Al-Anbari was the one who asked for a contract with him, pointing out that he was the one who requested the termination of his contract and waived all his dues in order to participate in Matches, and therefore the details of the interview.

After the end of your contract with Fujairah, what is your next destination?

There is more than one offer I received in the previous days, I study it well with my agent Walid Al Shamsi, which I would like to thank for my efforts with me, and during this week we may decide the decision, as I agreed with Al Shamsi that the priority will be for the club that will guarantee me participation in the matches, I sacrificed the value of A large contract with Sharjah for not accepting the idea of ​​sitting on the bench, and I moved to Fujairah for this purpose, and for this I am not ready again to repeat the king's experience despite my ability to arrange a suitable contract from one of the big clubs but my biggest concern is to play without consideration for any financial considerations or The names of the clubs that I will transfer to.

Why didn't you renew your contract with Fujairah as long as you think about playing?

Certainly, I respect Fujairah, but the problems that faced me made me settle for the season I spent with the club, when I moved to it from the Sharjah Club there was a financial agreement between us, and they did not abide by it and the salaries were delayed between two months to three months, despite the attempts of the former Algerian coach Majeed Bougherra intervened to solve the financial problems of me and the rest of the players, it did not succeed to a great extent, and there are seven players who left Fujairah because of their financial situation.

You played Al Ain, Al Wahda, Al Wasl, Sharjah and Fujairah clubs, what is the most important stage for you?

I feel that the period I spent in Al-Wahda Club is the most important in my football career. I have played with Al Annabi 90% of the number of matches during the period I spent in the corridors of the club, and contributed with the team in winning more than one title, including the President’s Cup and the Arab Gulf Cup, and I participated with them In the AFC Champions League, so I consider it the most important stage of my life in the green rectangle, and it is time to thank the club for the professional way in which they treated me.

Is it not surprising that you talk about loneliness even though your start was in the eye?

On the contrary, I am very grateful to Al Ain Club and he is credited with introducing Mohamed Salem Al Dhaheri. I won with the leader the first football titles when we won the 2013 league title with the Romanian coach Cosmin, and I remember that I made the goal that Ghanaian Gian scored in the Dubai club window, and we won from During the title, but the biggest football maturity was in Al-Wahda Club.

At what station do you see that you have not achieved your dreams?

With Sharjah, I suffered a whole season during which I did not participate in any match, even though coach Abdulaziz Al-Anbari was the one who asked his club management to contract me, and his officials paid a sum of money to the unit to buy my card, which was left for another season, and I signed with Sharjah for a long time, and after If I felt that I had spent a whole season without playing, I asked to leave despite the fact that the former football company president, Mohsen Musabeh, tried to convince me to stay, but I refused, because I could have stayed and stayed for three and a half years receiving my salary, but I do not like that way, so I left for Fujairah hoping to To find what I want, after being shocked in that experience.

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