President Donald Trump boycotted the US national football team.

President Trump recently tweeted on the 14th (Korea time) that he will not watch a soccer match any more than the United States Football Federation (USSF) has decided not to discipline players who do not advocate standing before the match.

The USSF proactively changed the rules of discipline as players acted on their knees in protest against racism in the world football world.

We have removed the rules that discourage players who kneel when advocating a country before a match.

Kneeling is meant by sports to protest against racism.

The beginning was that Colleen Capernick of the National Football Association of America (NFL) kneeled instead of giving a courtesy before the game in 2016 when a black man died in a police shooting.

The USSF said after abolishing the rule, "We are wrong. We apologize to our players."

President Trump, who had already stipulated "sports on the knees" of sports in 2017 as "non-patriotic behavior," criticized American football and the NFL again.

In a tweet, President Trump said, "Football and the NFL are going the wrong way. I will not watch these events in the future."

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)