Rifle shooting Japanese national training camp Mandates for antibody testing by participating players June 11 16:19

The Japan Rifle Shooting Association has infected Japanese national athletes as a measure to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus at the NTC = National Training Center where top athletes from multiple competitions practice for the Tokyo Olympics. I decided to require an antibody test to check if.

In response to the cancellation of the emergency declaration, NTC, which is in the forefront of athlete strengthening for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, has been restarting activities by athletes of each competition from the end of last month.

Amid the demand for thorough infection prevention measures, the Japan Rifle Shooting Association has decided to require participating athletes and staff to carry out a new coronavirus antibody test in front of the Japan National Training Camp held at NTC from this month. ..

A total of 30 people, including 20 athletes and about 10 staff, will be subject to antibody tests at the team doctor's clinic and, if positive, a PCR test to check if they are infected. is.

After that, we will ask representative athletes to undergo an antibody test once a month, and we are also considering expanding the scope to include designated athletes.

The Japan Wrestling Association has decided to carry out the antibody test for the representative athletes who are active at NTC for the training camp from next month.

Kiichiro Matsumaru, chairman of the Japan Rifle Shooting Association, said, "I was worried because there are many young athletes who are not likely to have symptoms, but there are also elderly staff members who are at high risk of infection. PCR testing is the best, but first, antibody testing. We decided to start with. The NTC is used by athletes in many competitions, so we have to make sure we don't cluster."