[Commentary] On the afternoon of June 10, the Chinese national karate team training in Taiyuan, Shanxi, ushered in the media open day. It is understood that before this, the 49 members of the Chinese National Karate Team and the National Taekwondo Team ended their three-month training in Japan and transferred to the National Sports Team Training Base of Shanxi Sports Center on April 25 for 14 days of isolation observation. After that, formal training began on May 9.

  On the same day, the reporter saw at the Shanxi Provincial Sports Center that the national team members were working hard in the stadium. The scene was full of shouts and sweat continued to fall from the athletes' faces. Since karate was listed as an Olympic event for the first time, the competition for the first gold in history has attracted much attention. Guan Jianmin, chairman of the Chinese Karate Association, said that the emergence of the epidemic has caused great losses for the national team in preparing for the Olympic Games.

  [Same period] President of China Karate Association President of China Taekwondo Association Guan Jianmin: Our current athlete (state) is the best time, but one year later we can’t be sure. The injuries, age, recovery and technical categories of athletes include adaptation. A series of questions. So if I think about it, we also hope that we will definitely raise the national flag and play the national anthem in the Tokyo Olympics. That’s definitely going to go to the gold medal, but you can tell how confident you are. I think we have 7 now. The grasp of success (to win gold).

  [Explanation] Talking about the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, Guan Jianmin said that postponing the game is fair to every athlete and every country, and the losses to the athletes themselves are the same.

  [Same period] Chairman of China Karate Association President of China Taekwondo Association Guan Jianmin: Others have prepared for four years, it is the same, I think there is no justice (ping) and injustice (ping), only to see who can finally catch (live ), prepare for the best time, take the best state to participate in next year's competition, this is the first part. What are the (training) secrets of the Chinese team, the only secret is hard training plus refining. Training is about quantity to change quality. Increasing the number of times you train and the number of times you play can change the quality of sports.

  [Commentary] Yin Xiaoyan, born in 1993, has been ranked No. 1 in the world of karate for three consecutive years since he was selected for the national team in 2008. She has obtained the qualifications for the Tokyo Olympics. She said that there have been many world champions of karate in China. For her, she is doing well to strive for more honor for the country.

  [Same period] Yin Xiaoyan, a member of the Chinese karate team: Because of the impact of the epidemic, then the (Tokyo Olympics) game was suspended, but our game points have not yet expired, we are equal to saying that the Chinese team still hope that they can get more admission tickets , (So) have been playing in these leagues, that is, earn more points, do my own, is to do the usual training, complete step by step, go all out and take it seriously, my goal is to stand on the highest award station.

  Report by Liu Yong, Taiyuan, Shanxi

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]