At the German Football Cup, Leverkusen relieved the blast of Saarbrucken, who entered the semi-finals as a 4th league team, and was delighted to reach the final in 11 years.

Leverkusen overwhelmed Saarbrucken in the quarterfinals of the Pokal Cup with a spectator-free match with Corona 19.

In the first 11 minutes, the pass that Demirbai stabbed in front of the goal, Musa Diaby lightly finished the right foot to score the first goal.

In the 8th minute, Lucas Alario scored an additional goal, and in the 13th minute Karim Bellarabi shook the net with a right footed shot.

Saarbrucken, who was the first four-league team in the history of the Cup to rise to the quarter-finals, fought in the counterattack, but failed to overcome his skills and kneeled 3-0 with Leverkusen.

The Leverkusen players who entered the Cup finals after 11 years embraced each other and shared their joy.

Leverkusen clash over Bayern Munich and Eintracht Frankfurt winners on the 4th of next month.


Valencia's Spanish professional football team, Kang Kang-in, also participated in a performance against racial discrimination in honor of George Floyd, who was killed by overpowering American police.

The Valencia club posted a photo on the SNS where all athletes, including Lee Kang-in, leaned on their right knee at the training ground.

The Spanish league, which ended in Corona 19 last March, will resume on the 12th of this month, but Valencia will have its first match after Levante and the league resume on the morning of the 13th.