Representatives of four players such as Terauchi diving into the Tokyo Olympic Games maintain unofficial retention Japan Swimming Federation June 9 23:02

The Japan Swimming Federation has decided to maintain a job offer for four athletes, including Ken Terauchi, who has already been offered a job as a representative of the Tokyo Olympic dive that was postponed next year.

On the 9th, the Japan Swimming Federation held an executive meeting online to discuss the treatment of representative athletes of the Tokyo Olympics, which were postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

Based on the results of last year's world championships etc., the Japan Swimming Federation has taken up the men's board diving and the men's synchro board diving Ken Terauchi, the men's synchro board diving player Terai Sakai, the girls' high school diving Arai Matsuri and four women jumpers, Saya Mikami, were nominated as representatives of the Tokyo Olympics, but they were postponed due to postponement.

According to the Federation, it was confirmed by the 9th that the International Swimming Federation will not change the Olympic representative frame from before the postponement, so the Executive Board decided to maintain the informal decision of the diving athlete. .

The 39-year-old player Terauchi, the oldest of the four, will be the sixth player to participate in the Tokyo tournament.