China News Service Client, Beijing, June 7 (Xing Rui) Wang Xiaobo once said: "All human suffering is essentially anger at their incompetence. Self-discipline is precisely the fundamental way to solve the pain of life."

  Hai Hai, there must have been such a moment in life, we have encountered discomfort in our lives, and just happened to hear the story of someone walking to the peak of life. At that time, you must also imagine how good it is to have a good life like a chicken soup protagonist.

  The teenager in the picture is named Wang Pengbo, 10 years old. In the chicken soup circle, he can be regarded as self-taught and unique.

  His father told reporters that the child grew up and did not drink carbonated drinks, fried foods, or video games.

  Don't get me wrong, it's not that parents are in strict control. His father said that Wang Pengbo's life habits are different from those of his peers, which is entirely due to his self-imposed restrictions. In the eyes of outsiders, his demands on himself are somewhat cruel.

Photo courtesy of Wang Pengbo's father.

  According to his father, Wang Pengbo was obsessed with basketball from an early age and began systematic training at the age of 8. After his dad took him to watch the NBA game on the spot, Wang Pengbo, who was only 9 years old, was determined to become a professional player when he grew up and entered the NBA.

  It sounds like this dream is indeed far away, but Wang Pengbo firmly believes that he can achieve it. To this end, in addition to his study, he insisted on training for about three hours every day, demonstrating the self-discipline far exceeding his peers, even adults.

Wang Pengbo is in the game. Interviewee for picture.

  Wang Pengbo’s father told reporters: “Children haven’t had carbonated drinks since childhood and never eat fried foods. When eating at noon in school, other children are grabbing fried chicken, but he never eats.” If you go out to participate Party, in order to avoid drinking, Wang Pengbo will also bring a liter of milk.

  Snacks and games are undoubtedly irresistible for a 10-year-old child. But in order to have a healthy body, Wang Pengbo rejected junk food; in order to protect his eyesight, he stayed away from mobile phones. And all this, Wang Pengbo's parents never forced him.

Wang Pengbo is in training.

  The child did not eat fried food. At first, his father did not know: "I didn't ask him, and later the teacher called me to tell me." Under the influence of Wang Pengbo, the school eventually removed fried food from the school basketball team Removed from the recipe.

  The craze for basketball has formed a strong driving force in the heart of the 10-year-old boy over time. All his code of conduct begins with the same basic judgment-all that is harmful to the sports career must be discarded.

Data Map: On December 28, 2019, the women's volleyball Super League semi-finals of the 2019-2020 season began a second round of competition. Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team has already won a game away to challenge the Beijing Women's Volleyball Team. The picture shows Zhu Ting serving in the game. China News reporter Tian Bochuan

  In the world of professional athletes, self-discipline seems to be a quality that can be seen everywhere: in order to maintain the competitive state, Zhu Ting, the Chinese female queuing team, can only eat rice once or twice a year; football superstar C Ronaldo is over 35 years old, but has 8 beautiful pieces. Abdominal muscles; Bryant's famous saying "I have seen Los Angeles at four in the morning every day" has become the motto of countless basketball teenagers...

  Any athlete who has made achievements in the sports field, of course, can not do without the persistence and hard work day after day. However, for Wang Pengbo, who is only 10 years old, his powerful self-control is indeed admirable.

  In the eyes of some people, childhood should be carefree and full of laughter. In their view, Wang Pengbo's behavior is as hard as an ascetic. However, his father told reporters: "Wang Pengbo regards basketball as a mobile game in the eyes of other children." It is out of the incomparable love for basketball, even at a young age, he can see the "hard work" "Gan Zhi is like a bun."

Data picture: Ronaldo shows his muscles after scoring a goal.

  The reason why many people are self-disciplined is not that they like to do hard work and persecute themselves. It is because they have fun from it.

  Zhu Ting's self-discipline gave her a sense of pride in winning the country; Ronaldo's self-discipline gave him the confidence to leave Real Madrid at the age of 33; Kobe's self-discipline made him one of the greatest players in the history of basketball in the world. Instead of persecuting themselves with willpower, they enjoy the thrill of breaking through themselves and are willing to pursue faster, higher, and stronger goals.

  This internal motivation that ignores everything may be the secret to victory.

  When you are upset about not being able to stick to something, it is better to follow your heart and find what you really love. This driving force from the heart is an important force for a person's growth. (Finish)