Sport has transformed the lives of players from poverty and hunger into the world of finance and business. After the greatest aspiration of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo to eat "hamburger" from his favorite restaurant during his miserable childhood, he is now at the age of 35 the first billionaire in the history of football, according to Forbes »American.

Ronaldo received 105 million dollars in tax-free dollars last year, ranking fourth in the list of the richest sports celebrities this year, and got 650 million dollars in salaries from clubs he played for 17 years, while social networking sites generate a lot of money, after If the number of his followers reached 200 million around the world, and he gets 950 thousand dollars for a single post on his account in "Instagram", and the "Don" also owns his famous brand "CR7", and he has a hotel, an island, a private plane, yachts and a luxury group of cars.

The childhood of Argentine star Lionel Messi was not any better, as his family went through critical times in Rosario, when she discovered that her son was suffering from a deficiency of growth hormone, and his treatment cost $ 900 a month, so that his father had to beg to provide the expenses of treatment, but Messi later turned to « A golden boy ”for his family and country, and last year he received 104 million dollars. Forbes revealed that he got 605 million during his sports career until now and is considered the closest player behind Ronaldo to enter the" billion "club.

Because it is a "popular game", football players carry inspiring stories from alleys, streets and villages, the most prominent of which is the great shift in the life of the Brazilian Neymar, whose father was working in three jobs to feed his family, and before the birth of Neymar did not recognize the gender of his baby because he did not have enough money To reveal the "sonar" rays, currently, the feisty girl is the fourth richest athlete in the world, earning $ 95.5 million last year.

And Arabs, football also loves the poor, led by the English star Liverpool, Egyptian Mohamed Salah, the son of the narrow Al-Hara and the small village «Najrij», whose feet were swollen at the beginning of his football career by cutting distances on foot and riding the train to reach the end of his journey to the stadium, but now he occupies The 100th position among the most paid celebrities in the world. Last year, it earned $ 35.1 million.

The stories of the athletes' struggle, and their transformation from the world of poverty to prosperity, fame and lights, inspire future generations ... Football gives those who give it.

"Hamburger" was Cristiano Ronaldo's most ambitious ambition in his miserable childhood.

The Messi family has struggled to cure her son's lack of growth hormone.

Neymar's father worked three jobs to feed his children ... and this is the story of the "sonar".

Salah's feet swelled from the distance walking and the long trip to the stadium.

• The full list of the world's highest paid athletes according to Forbes

1 - Swiss tennis player Roger Federer $ 106 million (3rd place globally).

2- Juventus star, Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese $ 105 million (4th place).

3- Barcelona star, Lionel Messi, $ 104 million (5th place).

4- St. Germain player, Neymar, $ 95.5 million (7th place).

5- American basketball player LeBron James $ 88.2 million (9th place).

6- American basketball player Stephen Corey $ 74.4 million (16th place).

7- American basketball player Kevin Durant $ 63.9 million (24th place).

8- American golf player Tiger Woods $ 62.3 million (26th place).

9.- American football player Kirk Cousins ​​$ 62 million (29th place).

10 - American football player Carson Wentis $ 59.1 million (31st position).

11 - American basketball player Russell Westbrook $ 56 million (35th place).

12- British driver Lewis Hamilton $ 54 million (40th position).

13 - Irish golf player Rory McIlroy $ 52 million (44th place).

14 - American football player Jared Goff $ 49 million (49th place).

15 - American fighter Connor McGregor $ 48 million (53rd position).

16 - American basketball player James Harden $ 47.8 million (54th place).

17 - Greek basketball player Giannis Antikonkompo $ 47.6 million (55th place).

18- British boxer Anthony Joshua $ 47 million (57th place).

19- The American boxer, DuneTay Wilder, $ 46.5 million (59th position).

20 - American football player Tom Brady $ 45 million (64th place).

21 - American football player Drew Bryce $ 44.8 million (67th place).

22 - Serbian tennis player Novak Dujukovic $ 44.6 million (68th place).

23- American basketball player Kerry Irving $ 42.9 million (74th place).

24- American football player Julio Jones $ 40.5 million (78th place).

25 - Spanish tennis player Nadal $ 40 million (80th place).

26- American basketball player Class Thompson $ 38.8 million (85th position).

27 - Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka $ 37.4 million (90th position).

28- Mexican boxer Canillo Olvares $ 37 million (91st place).

29 - American basketball player Damian Lillard $ 37 million (91rd place).

30- German Sebastian Vital driver Formula 1 is $ 36.3 million (97th place).

31- American tennis star Serena Williams $ 36 million (98th place).

32- Liverpool star, Egyptian Mohamed Salah $ 35.1 million (100th place).

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