Yakult Suarez pitcher Negative in PCR test of new corona June 6 19:38

Professional baseball player Yakult announced that pitcher Albert Suarez, who had undergone a PCR test to confirm infection with the new coronavirus, was found negative.

Suarez had a temperature of 37 degrees and 2 minutes on the morning of the 4th, and complained of sore throat, so he visited a hospital in Tokyo and was recommended by a doctor to undergo a PCR test to confirm infection with the new coronavirus. ..

And on the 6th, Yakult announced that the test result of Suarez was negative.

In addition, Pitcher Suarez was diagnosed with acute pharyngitis, and since the symptoms have subsided, he was told that he can return to the game and practice from the 7th.

Munetaka Murakami, who also underwent a PCR test, was judged negative on the 5th and is expected to join the team as soon as the sore throat disappears.

Director Shingo Takatsu said, "I was worried that they were not infected, but I was anxious that they had undergone an inspection. I was relieved because I could join the team immediately." ..