It is a heavy merit in the big league that has been played since 1963 - for 57 years. Wirtz was 48 days younger than Nuri Sahin who scored for Borussia Dortmund in 2005.

- We are very happy to have the greatest talent in that age group here in Leverkusen, says Leverkusen's sports director Simon Rolfes according to AP.

He describes Wirtz's strengths:

- He has a good ability to find open spaces, has a good first touch, a very good first touch and can score goals, as you saw today.

Fourth match in the Bundesliga

It was Wirtz, replaced today, the fourth Bundesliga match since the move from Cologne in January.

Rolfes Leverkusen has a different approach to nurturing the young talents.

- Here they get the opportunity to train with the professional A-team players. It usually works in a different way in other clubs. In Leverkusen we are happy to showcase the young talents to the best, which means that they develop, says Rolfes.