In total, this amounts to $ 100 million, equivalent to SEK 915 million, which will go to various organizations that work with justice issues for ten years. The donation is made in conjunction with the basketball icon's brand in light of the protests that have sprung up in the United States after 46-year-old George Floyd died as a result of a police intervention.

"Until the racism that causes our country's institutions to make mistakes is completely eradicated, we will work to protect and improve the lives of blacks," Jordan writes in a statement.

Biggest donation ever?

Jordan, who is considered by many to be basketball's greatest player to date, has previously received criticism from various quarters as he was considered too unpolitical off the field.

- I never saw myself as an activist. I saw myself as a basketball player, he said himself in the acclaimed documentary "The Last Dance" which was released last spring.

- Was it selfish? Perhaps. But that's where I put my focus.

His wealth is said to amount to just over SEK 19 billion and the giant donation is believed to be the largest so far from an athlete to non-profit organizations.

"Although much has changed, the worst is still as bad," he writes in the statement.

Protests in all states

Already a few days ago, Michael Jordan cited a statement that he supports all who protest against ingrained racism and violence against non-whites in the United States.

Major demonstrations have been held in all of the US states in the last few days following George Floyd's death on May 25. Several big stars have been involved in the protests. Among other things, golf star Tiger Woods and tennis player Serena Williams have expressed support.

“I have always had great respect for our justice system. They train a lot to understand how, when and where to use force. This shocking tragedy clearly crossed that boundary, ”Tiger Woods said in a recent statement.