Boxing: All Japan Championship held in November If it is not possible to qualify, it will be canceled on June 6 at 22:30

The Japan Boxing Federation held an online board meeting on the 6th and decided to hold the All Japan Championship on schedule in November in Sumida Ward, Tokyo. However, if qualifying cannot be implemented due to the effect of the new coronavirus, we will consider canceling it.

The All Japan Boxing Championship is a competition that decides the number one amateur amateur in Japan, which is the 90th for boys and the 19th for girls.

According to the Japan Boxing Federation, the online board of directors unanimously decided to hold the policy in November in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, as originally planned.

However, if it is not possible to hold a qualifying due to the effect of the new coronavirus, we will consider canceling it if the prefectural and each block can be qualified.

Many promising athletes have participated in the All Japan Championship, and Ryota Murata, who won the gold medal in the men's middleweight division of the 2012 London Olympics, and Naoya Inoue, the bantamweight division, have also won the world championships that are pro-active. doing.

Sadanobu Uchida, chairman of the Japan Boxing Federation, said, "I didn't want all of the board members to break the goals and dreams of the players. I would like to see the situation of the new coronavirus and, in some cases, courageous exit." Is talking.