Boxing gym by Gyoko Ken Takashi to close at the end of next month June 6 22:52

"Shirai-Gushiken Gym", chaired by former world boxing champion Champion Gushiken, has announced that he will close the gym at the end of next month.

“Shirai/Gushiken Gym” in Suginami Ward, Tokyo announced on the 6th on its website that it will close the gym on the 31st of next month.

64-year-old Chairman Gushiken, who posted the comment, explained that "it was a difficult age to teach athletes with passion and physical strength like before, because it was a difficult age, so I decided it was a tide". Did.

After that, "I will take responsibility to find the transfer destination for the players who belong to me. I would like to be involved in the boxing world in another way if I can do it."

Chairman Gushiken has established a Japanese record for a boy who defends the world title 13 times in a row during his active career, and has also been active as a talent after retirement.

Jim was founded with Yoshio Shirai, who became the first Japanese player in the flyweight world to win the championship, and opened in 1995 to produce Daigo Higa, a former WBC = World Boxing Council flyweight champion. did.

"It is a very disappointing event for the boxing world. I want you to have a firm path for the players and other transferees," said JBC=Japan Boxing Commission, the managing body's executive director, Go Yasukouchi.