Almond Eye: Will it win the most G1 races ever? Tomorrow Yasuda Memorial Horse Racing June 6 19:22

The horse racing G1 race Yasuda Memorial will be held on the 7th, and the 5-year-old Hinma = female horse Almond Eye will aim for the 8th victory, which is the highest number in history in the G1 race on Japanese horses.

Almond Eye has won seven wins in the G1 race on turf, including winning all three-year-old Hima's triple crown races such as the Sakura Award.

Seven wins were with famous horses that have made their name in the history of horse racing in Japan, such as the undefeated Symbolyldorf who achieved the classic race triple crown of the Satsuki Award, the Japanese Derby, and the Kikuka Award in 1984, and the undefeated triple crown deep impact. It is a record lined up.

The Almond Eye is scheduled to race in the Yasuda Memorial G1 race on the 7th at 1600 meters of turf at the Tokyo Racecourse, and if it wins, it will be the 8th victory, which will be the highest single horse in history in Japan.

14 races including the almond eye have started in the race, and 10 of these have strong opponents with horses that have won G1, but at 5 pm on the 6th, the almond eye has 1.4 times the win. It is overwhelmingly popular and shows high expectations for achieving historic achievements.

The race is scheduled to start at 3:40 pm on the 7th.

What is an almond eye

The almond eye is a five-year-old foal = female horse, and the name means "the shape of a beautiful female eye."

Both father and mother are active in Japan and both win the G1 race.

In particular, his father, Road Kanaloa, had an overwhelming speed and continued to win mainly in short-distance races, and in the G1 race he won a total of 6 wins, including two overseas wins.

The Almond Eye also inherited its high ability, and since its debut three years ago, it has so far recorded 12 wins and 9 wins, including 7 good wins in the G1 race.

In addition, he has won a wide range of distances from 1600 to 2400 meters, and has been able to change his power flexibly according to the flow, such as getting out of the lead and driving from the back even for the first time in the race.

In addition, Christophe Lemer jockey, who has won the most wins for the third consecutive year, took the reins in 11 out of 12 races, and will also be riding the Yasuda Memorial on the 7th.

On the other hand, although he was running for the Yasuda Memorial last year, he lost to the 3rd place with a slight difference due to the delay in the start, and it is a revenge stage for Almond Eye.

Almond Eye record

Almond Eye made its debut three years ago in August, losing to the second place in the first match, but after winning two consecutive races, Otoshito took on the Sakura Flower Award, the first G1 race in April.

In this race, only one horse showed different leg power in the last straight line, and from the end of the race, the horses that preceded it were pulled out to win the race.

After that, he won the Oaks in May and the Autumn Flower Award in October, and won all three-year-old three-year-old horse-female horses.

In addition, in the Japan Cup in November, we also won against a proven older horse.

At this time, the time of 2 minutes 20 seconds 6 marked by Almond Eye exceeded the previous record by 1 second 5, and it was also reported as a world record of 2400 meters of grass where the race was held.

In March of last year, he won the first overseas challenge, UAE = Dubai Turf, and at the Yasuda Memorial after returning to Japan, there was a delay in the start, and he lost to 3rd place and stopped at 7 consecutive wins. However, in the Autumn Emperor's Award, the number of wins in the G1 race was increased to 6 with a victory of 3 horses in the 2nd place.

After that, at the end of the year's Arima Memorial, which changed the schedule of the Hong Kong expedition, I suffered the first catastrophic defeat with 9th place, and in March in the overseas expedition aiming for consecutive victory at Dubai Turf, after entering the field, the new coronavirus I was hit by an accident that caused the race to be cancelled.

Still, after returning to Japan for the first time in the H1 horse limited G1 race, Victoria Mile of last month showed a difference in strength and it was an easy victory, and the number of turf G1 races including overseas was increased to 7.

Then, on the 7th of Yasuda Memorial, we will run for the eighth victory of the G1 race, which exceeds the record of famous horses.

Is it a historic achievement?

If the Almond Eye wins the Yasuda Memorial on the 7th and wins the eighth win in the Shiba G1 race, it will be a feat that even the famous horse that has made its mark in the history of horse racing in Japan could not achieve.

So far, six Japanese horses have scored seven wins in the G1 race for turf, in addition to the almond eye.

In 1984, the symbol emperor Cymbrilldorf, who was undefeated in 1984 and won the three-year-old classic race triple crown.

The T-M opera au which showed outstanding stability centered on long distance races.

It was a classic triple crown horse that was undefeated in 2005, and a deep impact that made the fans' hearts stick to the running likened to “flying”.

Vodka who won the Japanese derby in 2007 for the first time in 64 years with a horse of female horse = female.

Gentil Donna won the three-year-old Hima's triple crown race.

Kitasan Black has attracted attention as a horse owned by singer Saburo Kitajima.

If the Almond Eye wins the Yasuda Memorial on the 7th and wins the eighth in the G1 race on Shiba, it will be a historic achievement, breaking a record that has not been broken for 35 years since Cybolildorf won the first seven wins. I will.

Commentator "Maybe a new page is added"

Yasuhiro Suzuki, a former trainer who has won 795 wins in total and is an commentator on NHK's horse racing broadcast, said, "At 1600 meters, the almond eye is the strongest. I think a new page will be added to the horse racing world at the Yasuda Memorial." I expected.

Mr. Suzuki has repeatedly visited almond eye huts to check the horse's body, saying, "It has excellent functionality for running with the whole body from head to tail." There are as many horses as each part is excellent, but considering the overall balance, it is outstanding as a horse of Himma = female," I evaluated its strength.

On top of that, the sharpness of the eyes has made me more likely to win and my muscles have become stronger, so it is said that 1600 meters distance such as Victoria Mile that won the previous race and this time Yasuda Memorial is suitable. .

Mr. Suzuki said, "Victoria Mile is limited to Hingma, but I made a good start and put it in a good position to get out of the straight line. Whether it is a male horse or a horse, at 1600 meters, it may be the strongest right now."

In addition, Mr. Suzuki said, "A specialist with 1 mile = 1600 meters will also run for the Yasuda Memorial, but if you can make a good start and start your own race, you will not lose. It will be a fight with yourself. Win the Yasuda Memorial. That's a new page for the horse racing world."