The day before yesterday, the second stage of the Arab Individual Open Chess Championship (Online) ended.

198 players and players from 20 Arab countries participated in this stage, and witnessed the rise of 48 players to the middle stage, and the owners of the highest international rankings were added to them from 2000 to 2400 points, to become 198 players, and this stage lasted two hours as he climbs from this stage to the third and final stage 20 players, in addition to men and women with high rankings of 2400 points or higher, which took place yesterday evening, and were presented by the Emirates player, the great international professor Salem Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Saleh and Basem Amin and Ahmed Adly, and the tournament was monitored via the internet.

In the first 20 places were: Sameh Sadiq from Egypt, Mohamed Tayseer from Morocco, Mohamed Ali Bodrika from Tunisia, Moheb Amir from Egypt, Ashraf Al-Habasha from Tunisia, Adel Shukri and Yassin Al-Senisi from Morocco, Malik Konya to me from Syria, and Khaled Mohamed Abdel-Razek Muhammad Samir Ibrahim al-Sayyid and Marco Fadi from Egypt, Yahya Salih Ali Faraj from Yemen, Anis Muhammad Ashour from Algeria, Bashir Ayti from Syria, Muhammad al-Rami from Morocco, Abd al-Aziz al-Mahmoud from Lebanon, Sultan al-Za`bi from the Emirates, Raafat Issa and Ghaith Ababna from Jordan, and Abdulaziz A cluster of Morocco, and the Arab Chess Federation allocated cash prizes to the winners in the amount of 6000 dollars.

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