Hanwha, a professional baseball player, has fallen into the streak of 13 teams, the biggest tie in a single season. Even though I prescribed a prescription for excluding 4 coaches from the 1st group, it didn't work.

Reporter Lee Seong-hoon.


Hanwha announced that it would cancel registration of four coaches, including Jong-Hoon Jang, Min-Tae Jung, Sung-Rae Kim and Hyun-Seok Jeong, an hour before the NC match.

With no alternatives, coach Han Yong-deok had to climb the mound to change pitches.

In a cluttered atmosphere, Hanwha's sluggishness continued.

The batting line was tightly tied to NC Gu Chang-mo, who emerged as the best pitcher of the season, and the pitchers were knocked down by a four-run home run.

Hanwha, who suffered a 14-2 defeat, reenacted the 13th consecutive losing streak in 2013, the single-season club's highest streak in 7 years.

Doosan maintained a four-game streak with the leading NC after winning a reversal at KIA with Kim Jae-ho's ending hit at the end of the ninth.

In the resignation, two shortstops, Lotte Machado and KT Sim Woo-jun, faced a dazzling lake rain.

 At the end of the ninth inning, when the balance of 0 continued, Lotte Kangrohan hit the end and led the team to a second streak.

SK beat Samsung with Nam Tae-hyuk and Lomac's home run, winning two consecutive wins.

Kiwoom had a dramatic reversal against LG at the end of the ninth in the end of Jeon Byung-woo's game, and won five straight games.

(Video editing: M Sun)