It was on Tuesday that there was information that Propulsions was subjected to nerve cutting, which is banned in Europe. He underwent surgery in the spring of 2015 and was then sold to Redén at a horse auction in the US in August.

CLIP: Propulsion can get rid of previous victories (June 3)

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Propulsion wins Elitloppet 2020 Photo: TT

The nest had never bought the horse if he knew that it was nerve cut and never suspected anything during registration and examination when Propulsion came to Sweden in the fall of 2015.

"Couldn't suspect anything"

"Nowhere during this time have I suspected that the 'plug' has been exposed to what is now alleged and on which there is now apparently documentation."

Swedish Travsport is now investigating the circumstances surrounding Propulsion.

“The investigations I cannot say, they must have their way. In any case, we take this very seriously and have therefore hired lawyer Jesper Arvenberg to represent us. Since investigations are now underway, I do not want to comment further on these before they are ready, ”writes Redén.

According to Sulkysport, Svensk Travsport gave the go-ahead for Propulsion in the Elite race despite the fact that the export certificate showed that the trot was nerve-cut.