Hanwha lost in professional baseball and fell into the 11th consecutive losing season. The overall sluggishness is going down without wings.

This is the detailed reporter Yoo Byung-min.


Hanwha was dragged from the start by starting with Kim Min-woo, who gave the first solo home run to Seo Gun-chang and one-time hitting to Park Byeong-ho.

Shaking the opposition starter Yokishi four times gave him a chance to take out first and third bases, but Lee Seong-ryul scored only one point while striking a bottle.

As Kim Min-woo allowed a two-run home run to Jeon Byung-woo, the weight of the game leaned sharply.

In the 7th, the salvation pitcher Park Sang-won gave one more point to the throwing error, and Park Dong-won was hit by a two-point hit.

Hanwha, who was completely pushed out of two-to-one, fell beyond SK's 10-game losing streak and fell to the 11th-highest loss this season.

The exit was also hard to see, leading to the 13th consecutive losing streak in 2013.

LG defeated Samsung 11 to 0 and escaped the second straight streak.

Starter Chung Chan-heon drew 11 strikeouts in seven innings and played a perfect scoreless goal, and all of the batting teams helped to win with a total of 14 hits.

Leading NC beat SK with the home run of Yang Ui-ji's home run, and scored the first 20 wins in the season, and KIA beat Lotte with 7 to 3 and ran for 3 consecutive wins.

Doosan met with the bad guys, who were indigenous starters Lee Yong-chan and core infielder Heo Kyung-min, but Kim Jae-hwan, Oh Jae-won, and Choi Joo-hwan side-by-side hit the KT.