“Palych left a good mark there”

Yuri Syomin may head Dynamo Kyiv for the third time, who coached from 2008 to 2009 and from 2010 to 2012. This was announced on Thursday at once by two Ukrainian publications. According to their information, club president Igor Surkis settled all disagreements with the Russian specialist. The head of Dynamo himself did not comment on these rumors.

“I have a head coach. I don’t discuss it, ”Surkis quoted Sport-Express as saying.

In turn, Semin emphasized that no one addressed him with a similar proposal.

Nevertheless, information about the change of coach at Dynamo did not arise from scratch, because white and blue are not performing in the best way this season. In the championship of Ukraine, Kievans share the second or fourth places with Desna and Zorya and risk for the first time in six years to remain without medals.

In Eurocups Dynamo also performed not in the best way. The team flew out of the Champions League after the first qualifying round for themselves, and in the Europa League could not get beyond the group stage. It is not surprising that in this situation, the media and fans predict the head coach of the metropolitan team Alexei Mikhailichenko an early resignation.

On May 31, Syomin expired a contract with Lokomotiv, and he became a free specialist who has the right to negotiate with any clubs.

However, few believe in Ukraine that the 73-year-old coach will return to Dynamo. For example, a well-known local sports journalist Igor Burbas called for "not to entertain oneself with illusions" regarding this information.

“No matter how pleasant it would be to recall a team of his sample, there is not even a percent of such probability. Age, citizenship are more than arguments for Kiev bosses. Not to mention the trainer's unbearable salary appetites, ”Bourbas wrote on Twitter.

Another Ukrainian journalist and former member of the executive committee of the Ukrainian Football Association (UAF) Artyom Frankov said that he does not have the slightest confirmation of information about Semin’s return to Kiev.

But the former head coach of the Russian national team, Boris Ignatiev, admitted that he would not be surprised if Yuri Pavlovich again became the head of Dynamo. However, according to him, work at home is still a priority for Semin.

“Palych left a good mark there - both from the point of view of the result, and from the point of view of everything else. Igor Surkis even violated the universal commandment for the sake of Semin - not to enter the same team twice. And all this was then perceived positively - by the fans, the team, the leaders, ”RB-Sport quotes Ignatieff.

“Semin will create a team for which it’s not a shame”

Ambiguously reacted to the possible return of the Russian specialist and Ukrainian football fans. Many of them perceived these rumors with a negative.

“Yes, complete nonsense. At least because Semin then, after the failure, “gnawed out” a million dollars from Surkis. And the failure was two heads higher than the current one, ”wrote one of the users of the portal dynamo.kiev.ua in the comments under the news about Semin.

“Rather, Tyson will move to AC Milan, than Semin will become a Dynamo coach,” added another fan.

Some reminded the trainer of his interview with the magazine Observer in 2014, in which he called the correct actions of Russia in the Crimea.

“To appoint a Russian coach at least seven spans in the forehead, at least with three Dynamo hearts means to quarrel with the ultras, and indeed - substitute yourself in full. Surkis will not do this, ”suggested in the comments.

However, there were those who supported the possible return of Semin to Dynamo.

“If Semin comes, in a couple of years, these“ trees ”will be interested in Juventus and Bayern. Semin will create a team for which it is not a shame. And his emotions can not be compared with the infantilism of Mikhailichenko. And after Lokomotiv, Palych’s motivation is beyond the limits, ”said one of the fans.

“Who cares what he said about Crimea? This is the same employee as a football player or a masseur. He is invited for professional qualities, ”another recalled. 

Access to the semifinals of the UEFA Cup and departure to Moscow after the defeat in the derby 

Semin first headed Dynamo in 2008. He became the first coach of Kiev after the collapse of the USSR, not a native of the club structure.

This did not prevent the Russian outright to succeed. In the spring part of the Ukrainian championship, the team under his leadership won ten victories in 12 matches and did not suffer a single defeat. However, Dynamo remained in second place, three points behind Shakhtar.

But in the next season, the white and blue in the fight for the title did not leave the team from Donetsk any chance. Wards Semin ahead of the principal opponent by 15 points.

And in the UEFA Cup, the Kiev team reached the semifinals, but there they lost to Shakhtar. The first match in the capital ended in a draw - 1: 1, and in Donetsk the Pitmen won the victory - 2: 1. With a similar score, the Ukrainian team in the decisive confrontation defeated the German Werder Bremen.

However, despite the successful performance of Semin at the end of the season, he unexpectedly decided to leave Dynamo to again head the Lokomotiv. This Surkis did not forgive him, although he later returned to the team.

“I think he threw Dynamo then. Moreover, I did not ask the head coach for any compensation, I went to meet him, understanding his age and duty to Lokomotiv, ”the Dynamo president said later in an interview with Sport Weekend.

Semin himself recently called that step a mistake and emphasized that he should have stayed in Kiev.

As a result, an experienced coach spent only a year and a half at Lokomotiv, after which he returned to his previous job. It is curious that he was replaced at Dynamo in 2009 by another venerable domestic specialist Valery Gazzaev, but this period was not very successful for him.

Semin worked at Dynamo for another two years, but did not win the titles anymore. Under the leadership of Yuri Pavlovich, the white and blue ones finished second in the UPL second after Shakhtar. In European competitions, he can only add to the asset an entry into the group stage of the Champions League in 2012.

However, after two devastating defeats with a score of 1: 4 in September 2012, from PSG in the Champions League and Shakhtar in the Cup of the country, Semin was dismissed. The unexpected departure of the coach to Moscow after the failure in the derby also played a role.

“We lost to Shakhtar, and I did not fly to Kiev with the team on the same plane. He was so upset that he went to Moscow. The emotions of the club president can be understood, ”the expert recalled in an interview with Sport-Express.

In turn, Surkis admitted that he had decided to resign on emotions, because after a major defeat, Semin did not have the right to fly home.

“My mistake was that I called Yuri Pavlovich for the second time. I admit that I should not have invited him in 2010. But it turned out that Semin did not succeed in Moscow. He didn’t succeed even after his second coming to Kiev, ”said the president of Dynamo.

Nevertheless, Surkis and Semin still respect each other with respect and do not hide it. So, the coach in a recent interview with Sport-Express said that it was an honor for him to work in a club associated with the great Valery Lobanovsky. He also called the club president "the master of his money."

And Surkis on May 11 this year through the official website of Dynamo congratulated the ex-coach of the team on his birthday.

“I am sure that not only red-green, but also white-blue blood flows in your veins. I hope you recall the period of work in Kiev with the same warmth as I do. Heavy and lofty tasks never frightened you, and this cannot but impress and not bribe you. Having accepted the team in difficult times, you managed to give it a new breath, create a new combat-ready team, and once again bring Dynamo back to the champion path. The last steps remained before the victory in the European arena, and if the circumstances were a little different, I’m sure that this peak would have been submitted to you, ”the Dynamo press service quoted the functionary as saying.