Two giants with the new corona infection will join the team as soon as they are confirmed negative 4:01 on June 4th

Regarding the fact that professional baseball giants Hayato Sakamoto and Takuzo Oshiro were infected with the new coronavirus, the team will have negative antibodies as soon as they have an antibody that can be formed a while after the infection, The policy is to join the team.

Sakamoto and Oshiro were tested by the team at the end of last month to find out if they had been infected with the new coronavirus, and antibodies that could be formed a while after the infection were confirmed. It was judged.

According to the team, the two had no physical problems since the end of March, and when they confirmed their daily activities two weeks before the inspection, they found that they had no particular problems.

In addition, Chairman Mitsuo Kaku, a team of experts at the "Countermeasures Liaison Conference", in which professional baseball and other parties discuss countermeasures against the new coronavirus, said, "It seems that it has been quite a while since the antibody was confirmed. It is assumed that the risk of infection is not high”.

The two people who were admitted to a hospital in Tokyo will receive PCR tests every day from the 4th day onwards, and as soon as a negative can be confirmed in the team, they will join the team.

In addition, in the team, in addition to 26 people who talked and contacted with two people for a certain period of time, all other players of the 1st army and the leaders will also have a PCR test by the morning of the 4th. is.

And after confirming that no one is infected, he will hold future practice games as scheduled.