Return of Tutberidze and Plushenko’s motorhome

Eteri Tutberidze's group started training at the base near Moscow in Novogorsk. Classes led by Sergei Dudakov and choreographer Daniil Gleichengauz are held in compliance with all safety measures. Athletes wear gloves and masks and are not gathered in large groups. They are also forbidden to use the common locker rooms, so they change clothes in the rooms.

Anna Shcherbakova shared her impressions of the first ice training on Channel One: “I knew that it would be very difficult and that a lot would be forgotten. The first time I stepped on the ice, I was directly losing my balance. Now we are gradually returning everything, and I think that we can handle it, we can prepare well for the season. ”

Later the rest, Alina Zagitova joined the team. As for Tutberidze herself, she only recently returned to Russia from the United States, where she was with her daughter Diana Davis. It is reported that she will arrive in Novogorsk after a two-week quarantine.

Meanwhile, wards of Evgeni Plushenko arrived at the training camp in Kislovodsk and passed tests for coronavirus. For all skaters, they turned out to be negative. After the second test on COVID-19, they will be able to start training. Interestingly, an unusual way was chosen for the trip. The mentor himself, as well as members of the younger group, Sofya Titova and Kirill Sarnovsky arrived at the base on the motorhome, which was managed by coach Dmitry Mikhailov.

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In Kislovodsk Plushenko joined the newcomer to the group of Alexander Trusov. At the moment, her transition from Tutberidze has not been officially recorded, but the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKKR) has been assured that this will not interfere with her work with a new mentor.

“The transition should first be considered by the Moscow Federation. Everything will be done when all the documents are completed. Trusov will prepare with Plushenko, will go to Kislovodsk to train, ”the FFKKR President Alexander Gorshkov quotes the“ Championship ”.

At the same time, Trusova admitted that in her free time on self-isolation she decided to raise the level of the English language, and this process really captivated her.

“My teacher is Gazi from the USA. We practice three times a week, talk about sports, discuss my favorite pets, and teach grammar too. This is a great experience! I look forward to every meeting. I am pleased to speak a language that is not native to me. Believe in yourself, and everything will work out, ”Trusova told her Instagram subscribers.

Tuktamysheva popularity and Zagitova style

Even outside the ice, an unspoken confrontation continues between Evgenia Medvedeva and Alina Zagitova. This time, the two-time world champion was ahead of her rival in the list of skaters, whose Wikipedia pages were viewed most often over a five-year period - from July 1, 2015. According to Reddit user estimates, Russians took the second and third lines (6 and 5 million views, respectively). The leader was the Japanese Yujuru Hanyu with 12 million views.

The other day, Medvedev admitted that her mother serves as an example for her to follow. She stated this on Children's Day, which is celebrated worldwide on June 1.

“Take care of your children on whom our future depends. I was very lucky that I have the best mother in the world, who raised me correctly and has always been my support. It would be on her that I would like to be equal when I have my own kids. All peace and warmth, ”Medvedev wrote on Instagram.

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Along with Medvedeva and Zagitova, one of the most popular figure skaters in Russia remains Elizaveta Tuktamysheva. In many respects, its bright images on ice contribute to this. According to the 2015 world champion, after the sensational showpiece for the song Britney Spears Toxic, about 20 thousand people signed up for her Instagram page overnight. And not so long ago, she broke up with skater Andrei Lazukin, which further fueled interest in her person.

“Did fans write to me after I said I was free?” Yes. But they wrote even when I was in a relationship. All the same, the subscribers sent some compliments and wanted to get to know me better. Now, of course, activity has appeared in the Instagram direct. But I’m looking through it ... A little bit I see something and that’s it. I don’t react at all. There was no crazy offer there. Actually, I didn’t wait for him, ”Tuktamysheva joked.

Like no one else knows how to cheer up fans, the former American skater Johnny Weir, known for his extravagant antics. This time he put on high-soled shoes, a silk pink blouse, an earflap and danced to the song Kalinka.

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In late May, Weir lost to Zagitova in the vote for the title of Olympic style icon, organized by the International Olympic Committee. Journalists of the Chinese portal decided to analyze the image of the Russian woman and concluded that "her beauty is in harmony with her sports talent." According to them, both on ice and during public events, the skater prefers elegant clothes, although Alina has a sporty style in ordinary life.

Hacking Sotnikova’s page and congratulations to Navka

Fans of Adeline Sotnikova’s recently completed career were seriously disappointed when they saw photos of an unknown girl in her old Instagram account, which has 240 thousand subscribers. There was an assumption that she hacked into the figure skater’s page and appropriated it to herself. The situation had to be explained to the “cracker” herself. According to her, she is the namesake of the Sochi 2014 Olympic champion and the hostess of the profile.

“This page since 2017 does not belong to the skater, Olympic champion Adeline Sotnikova, she has a different account. I talked with her about this, and she has no complaints. I want to apologize if I deceived someone's hopes. I have no bad intentions, and remember: what a person has in his soul, then in his tongue. Be kinder, ”the girl explained.

Returning to Evgeni Plushenko, despite moving to Kislovodsk, he continued to delight his Instagram subscribers with funny videos. This time he posted a video in which he shakes a bundle in his hands. Intrigue was added by the inscription "You are the first to whom I show it." However, after changing the angle, it becomes clear that the package is not a child, as someone might think, but a dog.

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Meanwhile, the family of a two-time Olympic champion continues to reap the benefits of publishing one of the media, which suggested that the son of Plushenko, Alexander, is suffering from mental disorders. The publisher has already apologized and deleted the material, but this did not affect the situation. The wife of ex-skater Yana Rudkovskaya said that after publication, children in the yard began to avoid the boy.

“They say to him:“ Sasha, what is your health? Do not come near us. ” And he comes to Zhenya and says: “Dad, did I get a coronavirus? Why do children say that I am ill with something? ” It’s clear that you won’t close your mouth to children. Parents talk in the kitchen, and they hear it, ”Rudkovskaya admitted on Instagram live.

The producer added that this is why she intends to achieve the adoption of a law banning the publication of information about children without parental permission.

The Olympic champion of Turin Tatyana Navka shared a touching post in honor of Children's Day. She published a video in which her eldest daughter Alexandra dances with her younger sister Nadezhda. The difference between them is 14 years.

“You can look at it forever. Happy Children's Day! ”, Navka signed the video.

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