Triple salto, three continuous volts under one and the same jump in the branch freestanding. David Rumbutis hopes to become a few gymnasts in history and the first Swede ever to complete the exercise.

- The risk of injury will be incredibly high. If I do not release in time or if I feel that I will not be able to handle three volts, then there is nothing I can do in the air. Then I land on the floor, Rumbutis tells SVT Sport.

For many practitioners, the message of an advanced Olympics meant great disappointment and abandonment. The versatile multi-fighter David Rumbutis is looking for great opportunities with another year of training. David has managed the Olympic qualification limit through good results at the World Cup in Stuttgart, but is still waiting for an okay from the Swedish Olympic Committee.

- For me who is young, it is great. I see it as I can learn lots of new things considering there are no competitions. It gives a lot of time to work out new exercises, says the gymnast to SVT Sport.