• NBA.How the murder of George Floyd can change the American sport

All NBA franchises , either through a statement on their social networks or in the words of their presidents or coaches, have shown their support for the black community and their position against racism at some point in the last week.

George Floyd's death has sparked a tsunami among American citizens, and also among the stars and coaches of the league. From LeBron James to Steve Kerr , from Carmelo Anthony to Gregg Popovich , the NBA has once again been in the front row of protests, raising its voice for a social cause.

Everyone except the New York Knicks, the only one of the league's 30 franchises that has said absolutely nothing. The motives? Inside Madison Square Garden they are justified as not being "better than anyone" to speak about, but fans, his own included, remember the $ 300,000 that the organization's CEO, James Dolan , donated to Donald Trump's election campaign.

After the workers' complaints and questions, Dolan sent an email to which ESPN has had access: " We know that some of you have asked if the company will make a statement about the death of George Floyd. I want you to know that I know of the importance of this problem, but I want you to understand our position. This is a turbulent time in our country. The coronavirus and social unrest have shaken our lives. We at Madison Square Garden uphold our values ​​of being a peaceful workplace and respectful. As a sports and entertainment business company , we are no more qualified than others to offer our opinion on social issues. "

That last phrase is the one that has most annoyed the workers and fans of the two franchises that the organization controls, the Knicks and the NHL Rangers . Some of the players, such as point guard Dennis Smith Jr , have participated in the protests.

This Tuesday, and on Instagram , the Knicks joined # blackouttuesday without commenting, to the greater anger of their fans: "Make a statement or better not publish anything", "James Dolan will not be happy with what you have done" , "it was time"...

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