Newcastle doctor Paul Catterson announced on Tuesday that he feared "more injuries" among the players after the resumption of the English Premier League matches after two weeks due to the intense rhythm of the matches after a long period of suspension due to the emerging Corona virus.
"We expect more injuries at this time," Katterson told BBC Radio 5, adding that "the players ran on the mobile running equipment and did indoor exercises for eight weeks, so this transition (to the competition) represents a different challenge to the body." .
And Katerson touched on the 2011 season of NBA soccer, whose preparation period was limited to 17 days instead of the usual 14 weeks due to the strike for wage demands, where he witnessed weak injuries in the Achilles tendons.
"We expect this kind of thing," the doctor added.
Newcastle is still competing for the FA Cup title as it reached the quarter-finals, and will have to play between 10 and 12 games during 6 weeks to complete the season.
In addition to the very short deadlines for returning players to their level (a three-week difference between the first training sessions with friction and the first matches), measures to combat the "Covid-19" epidemic also have consequences for treatment.
"We had players who asked for cold showers after training (to recover) and at the moment they can't get them," he explained.
"All we can do is give them snow to take home with them. It is like returning 15 years."
The English Premier League has set June 17 as its tentative date to complete its competition, after being interrupted since mid-March by the emerging Corona virus.

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