Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Bin Juma Al Maktoum, President of the Billiards and Snooker Federation, announced the return of sports activity for both games in Dubai clubs and clubs, starting next Saturday, in coordination with the Dubai Sports Council, provided that this is done according to controls and conditions, within 24 items of The precautionary measures that were distributed yesterday to clubs and halls, aimed at ensuring the safety of all, employees, players and administrators, and that none of them are exposed to a possible infection with the Corona virus.

Sheikh Juma bin Maktoum bin Juma Al Maktoum said to «Emirates Today»: «I made great efforts during the past days, in coordination with the Dubai Sports Council, for the return of sports activity in Dubai's billiard and snooker clubs and halls, in line with government decisions issued in the emirate , Which allows the return of sports activity, which resulted in the recent issuance of a list of controls and standards that include 24 items ».

He added: “The federation addressed the owners and operators of gyms in Dubai, in which billiard and snooker activities are practiced, regarding the return to sports activity starting from Saturday, with the obligation to adhere to health requirements, which include following the health standards for safety approved by the Dubai Municipality in places Personnel and transportation facilities, sterilization of the entire facility with a certificate from the sterilization companies approved by Dubai Municipality, until the distribution of touch disinfectants tools throughout the facility, the provision of survey materials and equipment disinfection before and after use in a mandatory manner, and intensive sterilization of the entire facility after working hours, mandatory exposing "All employees have extensive temperature tests."

And on the mechanisms of entry and exit from the facilities and procedures that relate to the players, Sheikh Juma bin Maktoum said: “Everyone, players and employees, must maintain the distances of social distance, as a minimum of two meters, and everyone should wear protective masks for the face, and that the attendance at the place be a maximum of 50% Of the capacity, with pre-booking preference, the provision of a four-meter distance between billiard and snooker tables, and the setting of a maximum of 60 minutes for exercise, provided that only players are present at the same table ».

He went on to say: “The Federation directed to form a committee headed by the executive director of the federation, Khaled Al Khaili, whose goal in the coming days is to monitor the implementation of precautionary clubs and clubs in Dubai to ensure the extent of commitment, and the availability of all requirements in those halls, which guarantee the safety of players and game practitioners, and even employees And administrators of these halls ».

He concluded: «Last May, the game’s association, in line with the government’s procedures, halted all sports activity, and we look forward to this step constituting an additional push towards the full return of Emirati sport in general, and billiards and snooker in particular, in light of important requirements awaiting the players of the teams Patriotism, during which we strive to continue achievements, and win more titles and championships in it ».

The most prominent procedures for the return of billiards and snooker activity

- The obligation to wear a muzzle, two meters, a social distance.

- It is preferable to make an advance reservation for playing sports.

- Two players for each table, and 60 minutes for activity.

The halls should not be occupied by more than 50% of its capacity.

Keep a distance of 4 meters, between snooker pool tables.

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