A former Bani Yas club board member, soccer analyst Dr. Ahmed Al-Awadi, proposed that the League of Professionals hold the general assembly to decide on the eligibility to give Al-Ahly youth the league title by administrative decision in the event that the competition is not completed.

Al-Awadi said: "It is possible to return to the General Assembly of the Professional Association, to obtain its approval regarding the crowning of the leader Al-Ahly youth, and in this case the decision will come out with the agreement of the majority, and no one can object after that."

He added, “There has become a need to reformulate the regulations again, and to adopt regulations approved by the General Assembly regarding the determination of the future of the competition, regarding the coronation of the champion and determining the mechanism of the landing and ascending, in case the league championship is canceled for any reason, to prevent any future confusion such as what happens. Currently".

He explained: “Many situations proved that the regulations that manage Emirati football need to be revised and modified, in light of developments in the game, both commercially and technically, as well as in the field of contracts. Therefore, technical, administrative and legal workshops must be organized 10 days before any general assembly is held. At the very least, experts in all fields are invited to share their views in drafting the new regulations, to fill all the gaps in our current regulations.

Al-Awadi stressed that Al-Ahly youth have the right to demand that he be crowned the champion of the competition, as he is currently the leader with a difference of six points from the runner-up, and based on the fact that there are many European and African leagues crowned the leader with the title, but also we should not overlook the right of other clubs competing to object to the decision Like this, based on the fact that there are seven rounds remaining in the competition, and the difference of the six points can be compensated, and this is what drives us to resort to the General Assembly of the Association to decide on this matter ».

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