Ko Jin-young, the No. 1 female golfer in the world rankings, will participate in the KLPGA Tour Lotte Cantata Open in Jeju from tomorrow (4th). This is the first scramble for this year's official tournament.

Reporter Ha Sung-ryong.


Conference welcomed with colleagues Memorial spiral gojinyoung shooting met in a long time, divide the greeting.

[Go Jin-young/Women's Golf World's No. 1: It was very nice to hear about each other and how they got along. ]

Ko Jin-young's official tournament appearance is almost seven months since the final match of the LPGA Tour season in November last year.

As the LPGA tour was stopped for a long time with Corona 19, Ko Jin-young had a long recharging time in Korea, and she even communicated with fans through the YouTube channel.

[Go Jin-young/Women's Golf World's No. 1: No diet. How many people did we eat today? I think I ate almost 5 servings.]

[Park Hyun-Kyung Pro: Gopchang Makchang Daechang]

Ko Jin-young, who successfully digested shot practice and physical strength training, recently completed preheating through Park Sung-hyun and a charity skins game, and the'second hometown' Jeju where his parents live in. In this year's first encounter.

[Go Jin-young/Women's Golf World's No. 1: Exciting. (Jeju competition) I think there is something comfortable. Go is Jeju Go. I want to play as much fun as possible.]

Ko Jin-young will play in the same group as the winner Lee So-young and Defending Champion Kim Boa last week.

In this tournament, seven LPGA tour players including Ko Jin-young, Se-young Kim, and Jeong-eun Lee compete for a hot shot against domestic powers.

(Video coverage: Pan-Jeong Bae, Video editing: Nam Il)