After George Floyd was killed during a police raid in Minneapolis, major protests against police violence against blacks are spreading across the United States. Former Manchester City player Nedum Onuoha - who now plays in the MLS team Real Salt Lake - also says he doesn't feel safe in the United States.

- I don't like to say it, but I feel a fear and distrust of the police, he tells the BBC.

Many sports stars have shown their support by posting black pictures on their social media. Nedum Onuoha also backs the protests.

- It's very emotional. There has been a lot of talk about George Floyd - but these questions have been around for decades, he says and continues:

- People have tried to make their voices heard, but they have been silenced for a long time. What gives me strength is that it is not just black people who are protesting now.

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How the world responds to George Floyd's death Photo: Matt Dunham / TT