Yoan Crouzillat, Toulouse speaker, intervenes in particular during the matches of the French volleyball team. - Tommy Badcat

  • Like sportspeople, speakers have been stopped for three months because of the coronavirus. But without partial unemployment.
  • An association brings together 70 professionals and seeks to put pressure on public authorities and sports authorities to save the profession.
  • The speakers would like to go back to work, even if the sports meetings are first played behind closed doors.

Omnipresent in normal times in sports arenas, their voices have been silent for almost three months. With the coronavirus and the suspension of competitions, the speakers put the microphone away. Today, they do their accounts. And they are not good ... "It's the" cat ", alarmed Jérôme Gallo. Until September, there is nothing.

After having ambiancé Geoffroy-Guichard from 2002 to 2019, the 48-year-old Stéphanois operates mainly in Clermont-Ferrand, at ASM since 2007, and at Clermont Foot where he was finishing his third season when everything stopped.

Still at a standstill… pas
And not a word about solutions and support for events… #asmceurope #evenementiel pic.twitter.com/82ktjZoS2Q

- Jérôme Gallo (@jeromegallo) May 28, 2020

"Everyone is affected, even the mega stars of our profession, the great Parisian voices", assures the president of the Association of speakers and masters of ceremonies, created in 2017, which brings together some 70 professionals mainly French but also Italian, Portuguese, Belgian and even Icelandic, due to relationships established during Euro 2016.

A request for “solidarity”

Almost entirely independent, its members are eligible for the solidarity fund for very small businesses, the self-employed and micro-entrepreneurs, financed by the State and the regions (up to 1,500 euros). A letter was sent to Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of Economy and Finance, for aid to be granted until September. And another sent to the various professional sports leagues, to ask for “solidarity” and the presence of speakers even if the matches are disputed without the public to ignite.

Because it will soon resume ... That we have the microphone that wriggles .... And because a little humor associated with seriousness, it does not hurt!

Do not hesitate to give a signal, there are provisions galore! ; -) # maitredeceremonie #speaker #ambianceurhttps: //t.co/R9wlyD4puJ

- Yoan CROUZILLAT (@YoyoCROUZ) June 2, 2020

“We are trying to find solutions,” explains Toulousain Yoan Crouzillat (35), who hosted volleyball matches (French team, Spacer's Toulouse) or Fenix ​​handball until spring. We want to be able to work even for matches behind closed doors, by intervening for example a little more on the social networks part, before and after the meetings, by being closer to the supporters. "

And then, he continues, sportspeople need a human voice more than recorded atmospheres like in sitcoms of the 80s or the Bundesliga today. "A match without a speaker is done at an amateur level, but professionals are so used to presenting teams and announcing goals ..."

Very vague perspectives

If 80% of the turnover of his company comes from the sporting environment, Yoan Crouzillat also works, like his colleagues, in other sectors of animation, such as business conferences. It also touches on “community management”. But there too, it is flat calm ... Until when?

"Everyone is restarting, even the restaurateurs who were in the limelight, except us", worries Jérôme Gallo, who sees nothing good coming. "A friend who works in the event industry tells me about cancellations for September-October ..." Being silenced, there is no worse penalty for a speaker.


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