Al-Ahly Club of Egypt announced today, Tuesday, a set of decisions regarding the intellectual property protection of the Red Fort.

Al-Ahly’s decisions included adopting the recommendations of the Legal Committee and taking several measures to protect the club’s intellectual property rights with regard to the issue of the Century Club, which Zamalek club always affirms has been entitled to the title of the Century Club.

The official website of Al-Ahly Club published a press statement this evening, saying: "Al-Ahly is the Century Club according to what was approved by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and the club was notified at the time, and that the African Union does not miss an occasion unless it is repeated that the Al-Ahly Club is the Century Club And, the last congratulations that the International Federation and the African Union posted on each other’s website, congratulating the Al-Ahly Club on the twenty-year anniversary of its granting the title of the Century Club, and accordingly the club added this title to its logo, and it was registered as one of the elements and components of this logo, according to what is provided He has an Intellectual Property Protection Law promulgated by Law No. 82 of 2002, and the club markets and invests it in sponsorship and investment contracts.

The statement added: "Therefore, any attempt to describe another club for itself as a club of the century, in addition to being a challenge to the decisions of the federations concerned, it represents a crime that infringes on the intellectual property rights of Al-Ahly Club, and it is one of the crimes stipulated in the intellectual property protection law. Punish the perpetrators. "

The statement said: "The Al-Ahly Club, without engaging in rhetoric without any point in it other than fanning the feelings of the masses, will not allow the infringement of its title, which is part of its slogan under any circumstance, and will resort to all legal and legally established methods legally to preserve its rights, and to deter all He asks himself to infringe on the right of the club. " The statement stated that the Legal Committee recommends taking the following measures:

1- Submit a complaint to the Minister of Youth and Sports to remove the causes of the violation by infringing on the rights of Al-Ahly Club, as he is responsible for verifying the application of the relevant administrative bodies and authorities to the laws, regulations and decisions regulating them, as stipulated in Article 1 of Law No. 71 of 2017 to issue a law Sports.

2- Submit an official communication to the competent investigation authorities to investigate the infringement of one of the rights protected for Al-Ahly Club and stipulated in the Law on the Protection of Intellectual Property.

3- Establishing a claim for compensation before the competent courts for the material damages inflicted on the Al-Ahly Club, its investments and commercial rights, as a result of the infringement of its title and slogan, which is one of the components and elements of its investments.

Finally, the club will not falter or tolerate the preservation of one of its inalienable rights, and will take any other measures necessary to preserve these rights .. And it warns against the ignition of mass discord in the sports street as a result of irresponsible actions.

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