Rugby Sunwolves CEO interview at the end of this season's activities June 2 19:03

Yuji Watase, CEO of Sun Wolves, a Japanese team competing in the world's highest level of super rugby, held a press conference and said about the future of the team with no prospect, ``Twelve fans supported more than I expected. I want to re-recognize it and think about the Japan Rugby Association."

Formed to strengthen Japan's national team, Sunwolves has participated in Super Rugby since 2016, but it has been decided that it will be excluded as long as this season.

The last season was suspended from March due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and instead of giving up participation in the tournament that I was aiming for, it was announced on the 1st that the activities of this season had ended.

Under these circumstances, CEO Watase of Sunwolves held a press conference on the web on the 2nd, and regarding the future of the team with no prospect, considering that Japan advanced to the best 8 ever in the World Cup last year, ``Consolidation equipment I fulfilled the role that I was born in. I want to fully recognize that more fans have supported than I imagined and think about the Japan Rugby Association as a center."

In addition, "I think it's difficult to keep the Sun Wolves alive in specific leagues. We must discuss what happens to the world's rugby, which has changed from a year ago. He said, "I have taken the current situation very seriously.