Jeremy Lin debuted at the June 1 Charity Tournament held within the Beijing Shougang Men’s and Women’s Team. Image source: Osports All Sports Pictures client, Beijing, June 2nd (Li He) On June 1, 2020, Jeremy Lin spent the first children's day since landing on the CBA. On this day, only 83 days remain before his 32nd birthday.

  By then, Jeremy Lin's "virtual age" should be 33 years old. At this age, for basketball players, even in the point guard position, they are no longer young. For a yellow guard like Jeremy Lin, it can be said that he is at the end of his career.

  However, this sentence, Jeremy Lin will not like to listen.

Data Map: Jeremy Lin is about to turn 32 years old. China News Agency reporter Chen Jimin

  He must not like to listen, not that he has entered the end of his career-he has experienced 9 years of NBA career ups and downs, after a summer of helplessness to tears, he chose to leave the league of childhood dreams and come to the ocean The CBA on the other side played. What this means is naturally clearer than anyone else.

  What he cares about is that the outside world regards the identity of "yellow guard" as one of the "negative" factors to draw conclusions.

  "I grew up in the United States when I was a kid. Many people will tell me that Asians cannot be athletes, or (others) think your upper limit is here, or want to control you. Sometimes I say this is my dream, they I will laugh at me." On the night of Children's Day, Jeremy Lin took the initiative to talk about this topic in an interview.

Speaking of which, Jeremy Lin looked serious.

  That night, he debuted in a public welfare game held inside the Beijing Shougang men’s and women’s basketball team. This is also the first time since the Spring Festival, the spread of the new crown epidemic led to the suspension of the CBA league. Next, he ushered in the "Resume" debut.

  After a long absence from the game, “Resume” was ushered in on Children’s Day. Jeremy Lin said he wanted to motivate children to chase their dreams: “I just want to talk to children and hope everyone can chase their dreams. I hope every child can be serious. With 100% effort to pursue their dreams may not be achieved, but you should not give up."

  Children's Day, similar content, we may hear in many places, but from the words of Jeremy Lin, it has been given a deeper meaning, because, what he said is by no means just the "scenery words" of the scene. Since landing at CBA, he has been trying to weave a basketball dream for Chinese children who are also yellow-skinned.

Data Map: On September 26, 2019, Jeremy Lin arrived in Beijing and met with the media with the No. 7 jersey of the Shougang Men's Basketball Team. Jeremy Lin expressed the hope that his CBA experience can spread the fighting spirit and happy basketball attitude, and encourage young people to pursue their basketball dreams. China News Agency reporter Zhang Xinglong photo

  "I hope that many children can be encouraged to play and play happily every day, so that's OK." Before the start of the season, Jeremy Lin said of the changes he would bring to the CBA. This is also the only time he joined Shougang. Clearly stated goals.

  And his subsequent actions made this promise truly remembered by people.

  After the CBA's first show, Jeremy Lin, who had promised to send out a pair of shoes for each game, "pulled" the crowd at the stands and found a small fan. The children were picking up on the railing among the crowds, "Looking Lively". Jeremy Lin grabbed the hands of the little fans and handed over his shoes.

  Subsequently, sending shoes became a regular process after Jeremy Lin played every game. In the 24 games that have been played, after more than half of the games, he sent the shoes to the hands of young fans.

After Jeremy Lin’s CBA debut, he gave the sneakers to a 5 and a half year old kid.

  His behavior is not a show, the children on the sidelines truly felt the power of idols.

  The little fan who received sneakers in Jeremy Lin's CBA debut was called popo. Only 5 and a half years later, he was invited to become a small reporter for a home game of the Tianjin men's basketball team. At that time, the children danced in the media room and told the reporters that he liked racing, and then suddenly remembered something like shouting: "I also like basketball now!"

  Jeremy Lin also shouted after giving the shoes to a 7-year-old young fan: "I will see you in the CBA in the future!" Although the noisy scene, the little fans did not have time to answer, but even from the video recording Distinguish the momentary brightness of his eyes.

Jeremy Lin encourages little fans.

  Jeremy Lin’s mother once said that his son attaches great importance to encouragement of young fans, perhaps because he has been a child since childhood, and witnessed many grown-ups helping his teammates with difficulties. But from Jeremy Lin's words, there may be another reason-he was injured, and he didn't want to let children like him experience it again.

  Last summer, Jeremy Lin told his story of playing in the NBA in a speech and couldn't help crying. He lamented how difficult life is, but he also strives to play an example that everyone will never give up.

  Now, for Jeremy Lin, who is about to turn 32 years old, the "crazy" period 10 years ago is long gone, and he is now inspiring and influencing Chinese children, but it is no less than the "Lin Madness" that year. less. A beautiful basketball dream is being woven in the hands of him and the children. (Finish)