China News Service, Beijing, June 2 (Wang Yu) From May 26, Japan has completely lifted the state of emergency. During the epidemic, the members of the Japanese table tennis team have been in isolation and self-training at home. Under the epidemic, global sports were shut down, and the Tokyo Olympics were postponed. As a result, the Japanese table tennis, which was eyeing the Olympic gold medals, also encountered more challenges. In an interview recently, the Japanese Table Tennis Enhancement Minister Miyazaki Yoshihide analyzed the impact of the Olympic Games extension on the Japanese table tennis team.

  "Zhang Benzhihe, Ito Meicheng, Hirano Miyu, these young players under 20 years old can also have a year to further improve themselves in terms of psychological quality and technology. So I think that the Tokyo Olympics will be postponed by one year, It has positive significance for them." Despite the postponement of the Olympics, Miyazaki believes that it is more beneficial for the growing Japanese table tennis.

  "Come to Japan next year. Let's play a wonderful game together at the Tokyo Olympics! One more thing, please ask Guoping to give us a gold medal in Japan. If we don't have two, we dare not ask for it." Miyazaki said with a smile.

  In addition, Miyazaki Yiren praised Liu Guoliang’s youth ping pong system after he took office: "China has not strengthened young players under the age of 12 years old. After Chairman Liu took office, he also felt that strengthening the under 12 years old was very It is necessary, so he proposed to me to work together to promote strengthening. Under his promotion, we successfully held the first training session in Wenzhou, China, which is also given by Chairman Liu’s strong action, I think this is great."

  "China is currently the most powerful country in table tennis in the world. In order to catch up with China, we established a training system for players under the age of 12 in 2001 in Japan. Now we are finally close to the strength of the Chinese team. Now, Liu The chairman also began to strengthen China's young players under the age of 12, will we Japan be further distanced by China? Will China become stronger? We are both happy and have a sense of crisis for this." Miyazaki Yoshimoto Say so. (Finish)