China News Service, Beijing, June 2 (Li He) Whether it is an urban community or a rural sports and leisure corner, you can see table tennis tables almost everywhere. The reason why ping-pong is called the "national ball" is closely related to its easy-to-use, popularization and deep mass foundation. The column of "Playing Table Tennis in 60 Seconds" will help readers who love national football to start from the zero base and enter the door of junior enthusiasts-

  In addition to rackets and balls, like any other sport, table tennis also has its own shoes and jerseys.

  Table tennis players' shoes generally have two main characteristics:

  1 The sole is thin. Table tennis shoes are slightly different from our ordinary sports shoes. Generally speaking, the soles and uppers of ping pong shoes are very thin. They are very light to wear, which facilitates rapid movement, and the feet feel clear and easy to exert force.

  2. Lighter texture, can adapt to all kinds of ground, good ventilation.

  When choosing, we must also consider different situations.

  When the table tennis shoes have obvious edges, you should choose shoes with softer edges and easy contact with the ground at various angles. Due to the skeletal structure, the design of table tennis shoes for men and women is different, so you should pay attention when choosing. Butterfly, Stiga, and Sanno are brands that have been verified by many consumers, and the quality and performance of sneakers are trustworthy.

  The price of table tennis shoes depends on the material of the fabric and sole, and can be purchased as needed. Ordinary sports shoes, especially those with air cushions, are not suitable for playing table tennis. The main reason is that the sole is too thick and the foot feels normal, while the elastic stroke of the air cushion sole is too long and the force is lagging.

  In addition, table tennis shoes are not suitable for daily walking due to their thin soles

  In addition to shoes, socks should also pay due attention. Generally choose cotton socks, because it has a strong combination with shoes and a good foot feel, it is best to use thick bottom fluffy socks, because it has a warming and cushioning effect.

  Compared to sneakers, table tennis clothes are not too particular. In addition to brand factors, table tennis sportswear is not much different from other sportswear. The color of table tennis clothes is generally not very bright, especially avoid white, so as not to hinder the opponent's line of sight, and the color is different from white table tennis. (Finish)