Floyd Mayweather has informed the family of George Floyd, the man who was killed by police on Monday, that he will bear the costs of the funeral. The 43-year-old boxing champion isn't the only sports personality who cares about the drama in Minneapolis.

"He's probably going to get mad at me if I tell him, but he's going to pay the funeral," a representative from Mayweather's company told ESPN .

The death of 46-year-old Floyd leads to unrest in the United States and protests worldwide. People take to the streets to express their displeasure with police brutality against black people.

Many American sports celebrities have already spoken out on the matter, such as NBA legend LeBron James and NFL star Colin Kaepernick. Last weekend also a number of footballers from the Bundesliga showed that they were committed.

Mayweather said that he would not return as a boxer more than six months ago, although there are regular reports that his career is not quite over yet. He has often announced his farewell in the past.


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