Lance Armstrong stars in an ESPN documentary in which he reviews his career, his rivals, and his doping penalty. He has cracked the world, starting with Floyd Landis , who he believes wakes up "every day like shit" for having cooperated with anti-doping authorities to unmask the Texan plot.

"What matters is how you manage to live with it. Can you sleep at night? In my case, yes. It could be worse, it could be Floyd Landis and wake up every morning feeling like shit . I don't think so, I know "Lance Armstrong relates in the second part of his exclusive documentary for ESPN.

The American has words, even, for the Spanish Carlos Sastre , of whom he laughs. Sastre won the 2008 Tour de France and it seems that circumstance motivated Armstrong's return to the competition. "I was watching the 2008 Tour and Carlos Sastre won it . Carlos Sastre? Pff ... (laughs). I thought, 'If he can win the Tour, I can come back and win it,'" sums up the 48-year-old former cyclist. at the interview.

On September 8, 2008, just a few months after Sastre's victory in Paris, Armstrong announced his return. On his return, he finished third in the 2009 Tour and 23rd in the 2010 Tour , to retire permanently the following year.

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