When the government and the Public Health Authority on Friday gave the clear sign that adult sports competition may start on June 14, it was also clear that the ladies' swan will start June 27-28. Thus, it was determined that it will be a full damallsvensk season - even though almost three months have passed since it was initially thought that the series would start.

In May, Piteå suggested that the damall Swede this year should be played as a single series, but that was not the case.

"Another requirement picture"

One who was positive about Piteå's proposal is SVT Sports expert Frida Östberg, who warns that the decision to now play a very intense series to catch up with double meetings.

- The recovery will be a deficiency. I know very much with both Piteå and Umeå who will be traveling far to and from the matches and will have less time for the recovery. The thing to put into this, when comparing the ladies and gentlemen's all-Swedish, is that many girls have this as part-time work, she says, and continues:

- This means that you have another job where you may receive at least half of the income. And many maybe plugs. So there is a completely different requirement picture for these players. First, they will deliver in football. And then they will come home and work catch up on everything they lost during their travels.

- So the recovery is again limited.

"Can be a stress"

As a consequence of many games being played for a short time now, Frida Östberg believes that we will now see a number of consequences that would not have occurred in a single series.

- I think we will see matches where you can't match your best players because of the load. I think we will have clubs having financial challenges and I think we will get individuals who have to think about and prioritize otherwise. And when we talk about injuries, I think we will have young players who get to play because of the injuries and the load, but that means they have no experience and routine on how to work themselves to get optimal recovery, says Östberg , and continues:

- And for the coaches there can be a stress that you will mainly be able to recover training, then "the day before the match training" and then the match, and it is a lot of trouble. You get very uneven within the group, the players get different loads and you can't train on tactical moments.

"Sets high demands"

Just over a month ago, the interest organization Elite Soccer Women's Sports Manager Stefan Alvén highlighted that this year's game schedule will place tough demands on the coaches.

- It puts great demands on the club's leadership staff and on the coaches, that they are really skilled in both training and periodization so that you do not train too hard between the matches. It will be a game schedule that may be similar to what the gentlemen have in the Premier League, where you really play tight, he said then, adding:

- It means that you have to work out a little differently to cope with the matches. This is something that the coaches in damall swans may not be used to dealing with. After all, it will be those who handle the best that will probably have the healthiest players when we reach the final rounds.