Brazilian club Vasco da Gama has been severely affected by the corona virus. No fewer than sixteen players of the club from Rio de Janeiro are infected with the corona virus, according to a new test round.

Vasco da Gama tested a total of 43 players during preparations to resume training. The infected group is placed in isolation. Also, three players have already recovered from the disease. It is not known who it is.

Despite the large number of infections, the leadership of the Brazilian club remains positive. "This just goes to show that we are following the rules and detecting the virus as quickly as possible with our players. That way we can stop the corona virus as soon as possible," said Vasco da Gama.

The players of Vasco da Gama have permission from Monday to train individually. Group training is not yet allowed in Brazil due to the corona crisis.

Last season, Vasco da Gama finished twelfth in the Série A, the highest division in Brazil. Colombian international Fredy Guarín is under contract with the club.

Flamenga has been hit hard before

Vasco da Gama is not the first Brazilian club severely affected by the corona virus. At the beginning of May, 38 employees of Flamengo, the winner of the Copa Libertadores, were tested positive. Among them were trainer Jorge Jesus and three players.

Brazil is the country with the most infections after the United States. There are over half a million confirmed cases and nearly thirty thousand deaths.

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