Rugby Sun Wolves Abandoned participation in alternative tournament Final season end June 1 18:37

Excluded from Super Rugby, the world's highest league of rugby, for the rest of this season, Sunwolves abandoned the alternative tournament scheduled for Australia next month, considering the impact of the new coronavirus. , Announced that the season will end. On the 2nd, the CEO of the team will meet to explain their future activities.

Super Rugby is a professional league consisting of club teams in the Southern Hemisphere, and Sunwolves, which was formed to strengthen Japan's national team, has been participating since the 2016 season.

However, as the league cuts the number of teams, it was decided to be excluded from super rugby only this season, and the last season for Sun Wolves was suspended in March due to the influence of the new coronavirus. Also, there is no prospect of resumption.

The Sun Wolves were aiming to participate in a tournament scheduled to be held in Australia next month instead of a league match, but due to the spread of infection there are restrictions on entry and even if they could enter, they would be quarantined for two weeks. I was not allowed to participate in the tournament because I needed to.

As a result, Sunwolves announced on the 1st that it will no longer participate in the tournament and end the season.

The Sun Wolves finished the last season with 1 win and 5 losses, and the team management organization Yuji Watase will meet on the 2nd to explain their future activities.

CEO Watase said, “I am very disappointed to end the season in this way, but I feel honored and honored to be able to participate in the world's highest level rugby league.” I am commenting.