Rugby Kotaro Matsushima Enthusiasm before moving to French power team June 1 22:23

Before Kotaro Matsushima, who contributed to Japan's first final tournament at the Rugby World Cup last year, was transferred to a powerful French team, he said, "I am confident because I have accumulated a lot of things."

27-year-old Matsushima took advantage of the speed of the last year's World Cup to make five tries, the most in the team, and contributed to Japan's first final tournament advancement, with a two-year contract from next season, France's I will transfer to "Clermont Auvergne", which has two achievements in the professional league.

On the 1st, Suntory, the top league to which Matsushima played until the end of last month, released a video that Matsushima talked about his enthusiasm for transfer.

Among them, Matsushima said, “I am currently doing strength training with a light load at home, but I am not able to do full-fledged training, so I am worried about how it will affect”, it is difficult to adjust by self-restraint. I said.

After that, he said, "I am confident that I have played and accumulated on various stages so far. I would like to win the trust and continue to play in the starting lineup."

Regarding the World Cup three years later, he said, "I had a slight feeling that it burned completely at last year's Japan tournament, so I would like to gradually target it without being too conscious."

Matsushima will continue to train in Japan for the time being, as there is no prospect of when to travel due to the new coronavirus.