The multiple Swedish champion in the hurdle race, 30-year-old Elin Westerlund, is attending a nursing education and decided in April to move in as an undergraduate during the corona crisis.

But now she is forced to stay home. On her Instagram account she posted a picture yesterday, with the text “So I jumped on the covid train too. So far I have managed with a little dry cough and slight fever but at home and prepared for a time of isolation! ”

"Got a weird feeling"

For the Express, she explains how she discovered she was hit.

- I got a strange feeling in my chest. I felt a little extra because I have a colleague who was infected a little earlier, so I took a test and went home. Then today it turned out that it was positive. Fortunately, I went home very early before I started coughing. It first came in the evening and then I got a little fever, she says, explaining that she felt no major concern.

- No. Most people who get really sick have an underlying illness. I would not say that I become more worried about myself given my job. But I feel a great deal of empathy with others, how unfair this disease is, because there are some who suffer so much harder.

Westerlund's personal best of 100 meters hurdles is 13.11, and she has won five individual SM golds (four outside and one indoor).