JR Smith beat white boys on the streets.

  China News Service, June 1st, early in the morning on the 31st of Beijing time, some American media uploaded a video of an NBA player JR-Smith beating young white people, which caused heated discussion. JR then responded on social media, saying that his behavior was "not a hate crime", but because the beaten in the video first broke his window glass.

  In the video, JR-Smith blocked a white young man by the car, punching and kicking. After being knocked down, the boy stumbled and ran away.

  In this regard, the person JR-Smith recorded a video explaining that he "shot" because the man broke his window glass.

JR recorded a video saying that his behavior was not "in hatred."

  He said: "I just want to let you know that before you saw something, in another place, one of these white boys broke my window glass, which made me very unhappy. This is a residential area , There is still a certain distance from the shop that was robbed. He broke my car window, and I overtook him and beat him in the ass. "

  He also emphasized that his behavior was not a hate crime or a protest: "So what you see, in the video, I caught up with him and beat him up just because he broke my glass. This is not a hate crime, I have no opinion on anyone, no one has an opinion on me. This is a problem of the system, that ’s it. He does n’t know who ’s car window he broke, and as a result his ass was beaten by fat Meal. "(End)