Should there be excitement in the fight for the Danish league gold in football, after all? FC Midtjylland entered the restart with a lead to FC Copenhagen at twelve points.

It's down nine after FCK's 4-1 victory in the derby away to Lyngby.

Louka Prip, with the only goal of the match, saw Horsens pounce on Midtjylland and took home all three points from the visit in Herning, where the spectators in cars followed the match via a big screen in the parking lot outside the arena.

In Lyngby, Mohammed Daramy decided when he pushed Pierre Bengtsson's pass then Pep Biel beat the penalty to 3-1 and Karlo Bartolec made 4-1 in the fifth extra minute. Bengtsson played 90 minutes, as did goalkeeper Karl-Johan Johnsson. Defender Sotiris Papagiannopoulos was stuck on the bench throughout the game.

"Just happy to play match"

Even though it was a different situation with no audience at the summit, Bengtsson still thought it was fun to be back.

- In the situation you are in now you are just happy to play match. We have been training for so long, I think everyone has been longing to play matches. We are used to the situation and can handle it well, says Pierre Bengtsson after the victory.

He also thinks that there is a feeling that they give something to those who sit at home and have longed for sports.

- I think there are many who sit at home and are glad that it is football again in Denmark. I know we make many people happy on the TV couch.