Elite sports got a green light last Friday. Damallsvenskans game schedule was presented and it turned out that it will be hectic with traveling for Piteå in July.

July 12:  Uppsala (away).
July 15:  Linköping (home).
July 19:  Vittsjö (away).
July 26:  Växjö (home).
July 29: 
Kristianstad (away).

Travel almost 700 miles

For 17 days, Piteå will travel almost 700 km. This caused the club's chairman Rikard Fahlman to react.

- We are allowed to find ourselves in it, now we will play football and there is not much to do about it. I'm obviously disappointed, Fahlman tells SVT Sport.

But there is one last chance for Piteå.

- We will have a game meeting on Thursday where all clubs are involved. Based on that meeting, it can absolutely be relocating because associations have the opportunity to move matches - if the team you are going to meet also sees that it is possible, says Stefan Alvén, sports manager for Elite football ladies.

- It is still a preliminary game schedule in which there may be changes. Piteå still has the opportunity to adjust certain matches. It is perhaps a little early to go out and have views for the playing field has not been set yet. It is a meeting on Thursday and then the Swedish Football Association's competition committee sets the game schedule.

"The last word is not said there"

Do you know if all clubs are aware of it?

- Yes, it's every year. The difference is that we had a game schedule in January, before the corona. But now it's another.

- The last word is not said there. You have to wait a few days before going too hard. The association, the EFD and the clubs obviously want to do it as well as possible for everyone. But it is hard to make all clubs happy and it is a special year because it is so compressed. There is always someone who is not completely satisfied, so it is every year.