Dubai Sports Council announced that it is studying the gradual return of the public to the stadiums "according to the safety standards and the instructions for prevention followed, issued by the Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai and government agencies."

Dubai Sports Council Secretary-General Saeed Hareb said in a press statement yesterday: “We are working to put in place mechanisms for the gradual return of the public, with attendance rates according to government instructions, and that will evolve with the development of dealing with the pandemic (Covid-19). We have various activities during the coming period, Announcing it during the coming days, and we will work to ensure that the return of competitions is linked to the return of the public as well, and in cooperation with all of our partners.

He added: «We are pleased with the return of sports activity in the Emirate of Dubai, through the launch of training in various sports in government and private clubs, academies and training and fitness centers, with the application of a delicate series of important measures, to maintain the safety of athletes, and our happiness is great with the great positive interaction that we felt from everyone We are pleased to announce working with Dubai Police, our strategic partner, in a new initiative related to preparing for the return of the sports audience of various nationalities, and in all sports, and setting procedures that contribute to giving the public the opportunity to enjoy various beautiful sports shows, while maintaining their safety and the safety of athletes, in accordance with standards Safety and prevention instructions followed, issued by the Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai and government agencies ».

Dubai Sports Council, in cooperation with the Dubai Police, is organizing next weekend’s forum for the return of fans to sports stadiums, under the slogan: “Your commitment to happiness”, which comes as a complement to the cooperation efforts between the two parties, which resulted in the 2019 organization of the “Sports Encouragement Platform”, which hosted It was organized by the Dubai Sports Council in its headquarters, in cooperation with the Dubai Police, under the slogan: “Your commitment is happiness.” With the participation of officials from the Council, Dubai Police, clubs and fans ’associations, and from media and influential people and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, his discussions focused on the positive role the public plays, and rejecting intolerance.

The forum will be organized with the participation of representatives of the Dubai Sports Council and the Dubai Police, and of government and private clubs in Dubai, sports federations and institutions related to the sports sector and event organizers, as well as media and influential actors in the sports sector, and the forum will be organized through a direct meeting session with the participation of a number of Speakers, along with other remote speakers sharing via the video system.

Said Hareb said in this regard: «The organization of the new forum comes at an important time, as it constitutes an extension of our efforts in the return of sports activity, as it precedes the return of official competitions during the coming period, so that the return of the fans is studied according to the preventive instructions and meets the public’s need to follow the sport, and we Here we are not talking about the return of football league competitions or other sports, but also the return of sports activity in several important sectors, including the private sector, which includes hundreds of academies in various sports, and we also have in Dubai world championships, the announcement of the return of its competitions during the period Coming in the forefront of the DP World Golf Tour tournament (Road to Dubai), which will start its European tours during the next month, and its closing station and the coronation of the champion will be organized in Dubai next December, a tournament whose competitions hundreds of thousands of fans attend The world, including more than 60,000 spectators at the finals in Dubai. ”

• The Dubai Sports Council, in cooperation with the Dubai Police, will organize, next weekend, the mass return forum for sports stadiums, under the slogan: “Your commitment to happiness.”

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