China News Service, June 1st, on the afternoon of the 31st, Zhang Wen, a 31-year-old former Chinese national futsal national team member Zhang Wen, died suddenly in an amateur football match in Yuyao, Ningbo. The following afternoon, the Ningbo Yonghu Football Club he played issued an obituary, confirming this unfortunate news, and said that he would do a good job in the aftermath and try to give Zhang Wen's family the best arrangements.

Player related personnel performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Zhang Wen. Network video screenshot

  According to video footage on the Internet, you can see that Zhang Wen received emergency treatment from the personnel on the ground after falling to the ground, but regrets that he still failed to wake up.

  The Ningbo Yonghu Football Club, where Zhang Wen was alive, confirmed the news the next day after the incident. The accidental player was indeed the former international five player Zhang Wen. In the announcement, the club wrote: "We are in a very sad mood to inform you that on May 31, club player Zhang Wen died of a sudden illness in a game and died at the age of 31."

  Zhang Wen was born in 1989 and entered the five-a-side football field in 2009. He has won the national five-a-side league championship and has been selected to the five-a-side national team several times. He played in the 2014 Asian indoor five-a-side football championship and 2016 Five-person preliminaries and other important events. In 2019, Zhang Wen joined the Ningbo Debon Holding Team to compete in the Five Super League, and helped the team achieve 4 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses in the first eight rounds of the 2019-20 Super League.

  The circular finally wrote: "The club has been with Zhang Wen's family for the first time, and is actively doing the aftercare work. It will definitely strive to give the best arrangements. The club deeply mourns Zhang Wen's unfortunate death, and hopes that the dead can rest in peace There is still football. Next, the team will work harder, hoping to comfort Zhang Wen in the spirit of the sky with outstanding results, Zhang Wen will always be in our hearts. "(End)