Al Dhafra team goalkeeper, Zayed Al Hammadi, said that before the start of the current season he waived half a million dirhams of his contract to transfer to Hatta on loan in order to obtain the opportunity of continuous participation, and that he would return to the ranks of his team early next July, after the end of his loan period With "the hurricane", because he did not want to continue, despite the golden opportunity that he would have had in the event of renewing his loan with Hatta, after the team's main guard, Darwish Muhammad, moved to the ranks of Sharjah, starting from next season.

Al-Hammadi assured «Emirates Today» that he made his decision formally, and that he is waiting for the end of the loan contract at the beginning of next July to be a player in the ranks of Al Dhafra. He said: “It is not a matter of moving Darwish Muhammad to the classes of Sharjah, as there are other things that compel me to return to Al Dhafra. For me, the idea of ​​borrowing was going through an experience outside the ranks of Al Dhafra, but now I prefer to return to my home, and I also had to suspend the study that I want to complete.” .

The guard, who is 24 years old, waived in July of last year half a million dirhams from his contract, to move to the Hatta team in order to obtain the opportunity of continuous participation. He then said to «Emirates Today» that he had taken the step to regain confidence in himself, after the average minutes played decreased last season, but the goalkeeper did not have the opportunity to participate, as he played only four games, three of which were in the Arab Gulf Cup.

The goalkeeper expressed his thanks and appreciation to the officials of the ball company in Hatta Club for the period in which he was a player in the ranks of the "hurricane", and said: "I would like to thank them for what they gave me in the last period, and I wish them success."

Regarding the difficulties that he may face in guarding the goal of Al Dhafra team, especially in light of the brilliance of goalkeeper Khaled Al-Sinani, and whether he will be satisfied with playing the role of the substitute goalkeeper, Zayed Al-Hammadi said: “Khaled Al-Sinani is a school that I learn from every day. And with patience and diligence, I will be asked. ”

Zayed Al Hammadi indicated that he will work during the coming period to resume his university studies. He said: “I had stopped studying because of the loan, due to the difficulty of going and returning to and from Hatta, but I will continue my education, as I am studying at the university specializing in business administration.”

The goalkeeper Zayed Al Hammadi grew up in Al Dhafra Club, where he joined the ball school when he was nine years old, after his brilliance in a sports festival organized by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council in Al Ain Club, and Al Hammadi has been a player in Al Dhafra for 18 years, during which he graduated from the Sunni stage teams until the team First, the Hatta experience is the only one outside of the walls of "Al-Dhafra Knight," but during that time he did not have the opportunity to participate continuously, given the dependence of the "Hurricane" coach on the guard Darwish Muhammad.

The Al-Dhafra Football Club company renewed in 2018 the Al-Ahed contract for three additional seasons, in a move to close the door to the clubs that were aspiring to obtain the services of the goalkeeper, especially after Zayed Al-Hammadi shined distinctively in that season, and he played 21 games in the Arab Gulf League .

"Khaled Al-Sanani is a school that I learn from every day, and if I get the chance, I will definitely seek to benefit from it, and with patience and diligence, I will obtain what I want."

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