Mohed Altrad. - N. Bonzom / Maxele Presse

Mohed Altrad announced that common ground had been found with the players for a drop in wages. If the president of the MHR did not reveal the details of this decrease, it would be around 12% according to RMC. The rugby players would recover part of their financial effort in the event of qualification for the final stages. The Hérault club has regularly taken part in it for ten years.

The Montpellier club becomes the fourth to find an agreement on this issue, after those of Castres, Toulon and Toulouse. The shutdown of the Top 14 due to the coronavirus pandemic has plunged the finances of many structures into the red.

Philippe Saint-André sets an example

Before finding this agreement, the strong man of the MHR had said he was disappointed by the attitude of his players who associated conditions with a possible drop in salary.

To set an example, Philippe Saint-André, new manager of MHR as of next season, had agreed to a 26% drop in his salary.


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