Fears of Tuktamysheva and Chen's laziness

Gradually, all Russian skaters go to the central training camp, which became possible after the opening of sports bases. If most of them were chosen by Novogorsk, near Moscow, then the students of Alexei Mishin will go to Kislovodsk, where the training center will open on June 1. The leader of the group, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, spoke about the difficulties that await athletes due to a long break.

“While we are engaged in physical training at home, we have some preparation, but in any case, when we go out on the ice, we will have difficulties with the vestibular apparatus. There has never been such a big break in preparation. It will be really tough, ”said Tuktamysheva.

In the meantime, several days remain before the resumption of training, the 2015 world champion decided to take a walk around St. Petersburg “in anticipation of the summer,” as the athlete herself noted.

Meanwhile, Alina Zagitova took part in the filming of a commercial for the Japanese cosmetics brand, of which she is the ambassador. In it, the skater performed several spectacular elements on ice. And Evgenia Medvedeva devoted her leisure time to one of her hobbies - drawing. The athlete is clearly making progress in this matter: this time she drew the French dancing pair Gabriela Papadakis - Guillaume Sizeron.

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Two-time world champion Nathan Chen said that he was disappointed with the abolition of the championship of the planet, and also admitted that in conditions of self-isolation due to a pandemic, the coronavirus is gradually turning into a bummer.

“Due to the fact that I can’t get out on the ice, it feels like they took most of me away. Better when there is a routine. Of course, I like to train. I love spending time with friends, we motivate each other. But now the whole process consists in not letting oneself lose shape and try to at least concentrate a little on skating, ”Chen quotes The People.

Transition of Chania and attacks on Rodnina

Off-season is a traditional time of high-profile transitions. Against this background, assumptions about the allegedly possible cooperation of two-time Olympic champion Yujuru Hanu and Eteri Tutberidze began to spread in the network. Currently, Hanyu is engaged in the group of Brian Orser, but the Canadian specialist did not come to the final of the Grand Prix last season, where the Japanese performed, which gave rise to speculation about the discord between the mentor and the ward.

The famous choreographer Igor Bobrin believes that the athlete is unlikely to decide on a change of coach.

“The Japanese are wise and cautious people, they will not get involved in adventures. Hanyu has an excellent coach and team. I think he found his niche in this company. His mother travels with him like a guardian angel. He is not alone, he has many friends. And he has no reason to cross, he even gives everyone a head start with age. I think they’re afraid of him, ”the Sport Express specialist quotes.

Bobrin also recalled his trip to South Korea a few months after the Olympics. He told how a local fan approached him there.

"Says:" Oh, you are from Russia! I cheer for the skaters. See what photograph I have. ” And shows Zagitova and Medvedev together. Says: "This is Zagitova!" I ask: “And the second who?” He replied that he did not know. This is to the question of who can, who cannot. You will stop once - tomorrow everyone will forget you, such is the mentality. Everything changes quickly in sports, ”Bobrin explained.

Meanwhile, three-time Olympic champion Irina Rodnina criticized the incorrect behavior of fans on the network. She said that after the Olympics in Pyeongchang she published a photo of hugging Zagitova and Medvedeva, and in the signature congratulated the winner, while noting that she empathizes with the silver medalist.

“Within a few minutes, the fight of the Nanai boys began in the comments. Our wonderful fans began to explain to me about the shortcomings, the difficulty ... I would never have allowed myself such an expression even in a dispute with Zhuk (coach Rodnina Stanislav Zhuk. - RT ). Our couch fans have their own chat rooms where such intolerance is cultivated. Where does such aggression come from if my opinion does not coincide with yours? And where are our basic constitutional rights - to freedom of speech, to opinion? ”, Rodnina complained in an interview with Sport Express.

Slutskaya's garden and memories of Plushenko

Two-time world champion Irina Slutskaya admitted that she always looks forward to the beginning of the summer season, and boasted of achievements this year.

“I have already planted several apple trees, an apricot and two gooseberry bushes. First planted flowers! Now, besides tulips, I will have many, many other flowers. Plus decorative hang on the balcony. Of course, seedlings are already on their way: cucumbers, tomatoes, physalis, phlox and asters. And dill, parsley and other greens, radishes and cabbage have already been planted in the garden. When the time comes, we will plant everything in our new greenhouse. In the meantime, we are slowly processing it, falling asleep, ”Slutskaya wrote on Instagram.

The honored trainer of the USSR Tatyana Tarasova ennobles her suburban area, planting sweet cherry on it. The choice fell on this tree is not accidental. Thus, she celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Cherry Forest art festival, which starts on May 31. The specialist is a laureate of the Creative Discovery Prize, awarded in the framework of the forum

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In turn, two-time Olympic champion Maxim Trankov spoke about the specifics of commenting and working with Tarasova, with whom they covered major domestic and international starts. According to him, it was thanks to the expert that he took place in this field.

“It is difficult for me and others, because Tatyana Anatolyevna is Tatyana Anatolyevna. But she raised me as a commentator, and thanks to her I got into this profession. I respect and love her very much, and she knows it, ”the 59.ru portal quotes the skater.

In connection with the approaching graduation, Tatyana Volosozhar, partner and wife of Trankov, decided to remember her graduation. It turned out that she had only the last call, since then she was leaving for the training camp. However, the skater decided to "take the maximum" out of this celebration.

“I was preparing for him as the main event in life. My classmate, our friend from kindergarten, and I were dancing the waltz on the last call. It was amazing, like in the movie. I still remember that day with warmth, ”Volosozhar admitted.

And two-time Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko went further. He put on his lieutenant uniform 18 years ago (he was a member of the Army Sports Club) and, together with his wife Yana Rudkovskaya, shot his own version of the video for Irina Allegrova's popular song “Junior Lieutenant”.

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