Former Olympique de Marseille player Franck Sauzée was Lionel Rosso's guest in Europe 1 Sport. And the winner of the Champions League in 1993 regrets that the old glories of the club are no longer present within the Olympian management team to provide additional experience.

We have to believe that Franck Sauzée listened attentively to Pascal Olmeta's interview on Europe 1, a few weeks ago. The winner of the Champions League in 1993, for the moment the only one in the history of French football, does not understand that the current OM does not make more use of the experience gleaned by its illustrious elders. "OM must have a global reflection", militates Franck Sauzée on Europe 1. "In the other big clubs like in AC Milan, there is a framework of former players. In Marseille there is not this culture of player who wore this jersey. "

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Franck Sauzée: "To win the Champions League, you have to make sacrifices"

The player who passed through Strasbourg, Montpellier or Monaco believes that the former could bring what is missing at the moment to OM. "Today what bothers me is hearing people talking about the Champions League. It's complicated to hear that, we know what it means to go all the way. sacrifices, to be completely impregnated with the Champions League, that must be an objective, a behavior ", insists Franck Sauzée. "And those who have experienced it know what to do. It is a pity that there is not some kind of testimony. It is sorely lacking in former players to bring a plus in the preparation, in the 'Marseille entourage. "

If Sauzée regrets the management "not necessarily at the top" of Olympique de Marseille and that the recent crises are "tiring" because he would like a club "lasting", which can "consider the league of champions with a real ambition", he was delighted with the choice of Portuguese coach André Villas-Boas, who ultimately stayed, despite the departure of Andoni Zubizarreta. "I think it is a very, very good thing that he remains. It is very strong what he did: sincerely take back this team which was in pain last year, keep the same tactical configuration in 4- 3-3 and find the Champions League, in my opinion it's really a feat, "said Franck Sauzée. "He restored his players' extraordinary confidence, which gave him back because they insisted that he stay. And I think he was sensitive to this kind of thing."